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Raju Hirani che to Paisa Wasool Che! +Bonus=Ranbir & Vicky!
While I am writing this, it is happening that- with the highest opening collection of this year, Sanju is on the way of becoming another blockbuster by Rajkumar Hirani. Ranbir Kapoor as Sanjay Dutt has done absolutely fantastic job. Thus, this is becoming the highest grosser of his career (till now).

Film should only be taken as a film. This is not an attempt of Hirani to change public and their mindsets toward Sanju and his film career, jail sentence and personal life. It is just a Bollywood flick. And audience is getting it. After 34cr on day one, 38cr on day two, Today it will enter into 100cr club. And believe me, it is worth a watch.

Sanjay Dutt has very limited period of time with his mother. Though the relation between them is shown superbly. Two strongest bonds which we see in the film are father-son and Sanju-Kamli (His friend). It's amazing to see how one can survive in hard situations because of his father and a friend. Film is giving a good message of not to loose good people in life. Also, change your company if it changes you into something which is harmful to you or your family. I will write on and on but leaving it and hoping that you will find more inspirations from Sanju's life story.

Ranbir Kapoor is as usual fantastic. What amazed me this time is, when he entered on screen with a muscular body in the gym. Manisha Koirala is superb in her role as Nargis. Anushka Sharma and Diya Mirza are there as a biographer and Manyata Dutt respectively. They both are fine in their spaces. Jim Sarbh has very small role and he has done accordingly. (No! He's not there as Sallu.) Karishma Tanna as Pinky is okay. Sonam is good here. Boman & Mahesh Manjrekar are entertaining in their special appearances.

Apart from Ranbir, we all are expecting something great from both Paresh Rawal as well as Vicky Kaushal. Paresh as Sunil Dutt has done incredible job. In his interviews, Paresh had said that he was worried about bringing the equal integrity and positiveness which Dutt Saáb had. I think he has done it rightly! In the film, Sanju says that these two are his Gods, and only because of these two, he's alive! I think each person deserves one friend like Kamlesh or a father like Sunil or if possible then both! Vicky is superb! Super entertaining as well as full of emotions. These three (Ranbir, Paresh and Vicky) make the film completely worth a watch. In fact i heard many saying they will go for second time as well.

I have no doubt in music department. Some are saying it has not good songs. But actually, there is just a single complete song which is Kar Har Maidaan Fateh. Which I think suits in the film as well as without the context of the film. Sukhvinder Singh's voice roars in the hall like a Tiger's. Scenes of rehab center have been shot well. Ravi's cinematography is cool. And brilliant in the scenes of Drugs, Bathroom, America, etc. The drug song called Ruby Ruby takes you to another level but for some seconds only. Written by Irshad Kamil and composed by Rahman, it is worth listening to in the earplugs. Main Badhiya is not a song, just an antra is there in the film. Another one featuring Karishma Tanna has also only an antra that too without music. So there is just a single song and it is worthy enough.

My favourite scenes are: Explanations of three good lyricists of Indian Cinema which were like Ustadji to Sunil Dutt; 'Tere jaisa yaar kahan' sequence; Last moment with Nargisji; Untold speech; 'Jaadu ki Jhappi' from Munnabhai MMBS.

Film will collect more than 300cr. People are loving the film. Hirani is a true filmmaker who makes film for everyone. Don't go to judge Sanjay Dutt. Learn to accept what he is. Bacause I am sure, you don't like it when someone judges you! Treat others equally as you treat yourself. This film is not making him hero or something, this is just an unusual story of a man called Sanjay Dutt, happens to be an actor, a public figure.

'Ghee che to Ghapaghap che' and 'Hirani che to Paisa Wasool che!' This emotional journey is not to be missed. Got tears in many scenes. My regards to Sanjay (from a boy who is not his fan) Love you Sanju!
Rohon Nag reviewed Sanju
Solid hai Bhai !
Sanju Movie Review :

Sanju is a love letter from Sanjay dutt to his now deceased father Sunil dutt. This is done via the film maker Raju Hirani, who is a master at crafting films. It is also a film, which attempts to show Sanju Baba’s side of the story. Unfortunately, that is where the film falls a bit short.
Let’s talk about it more, because as said in the film, no topic is so simple that it can be understood, judged and a verdict given in a few sentences.

Story :
The film is presented as semi-autobiographical and semi fictional. Real names are used but in conjunction with fictional characters. So for people who are going in to see the real story behind the man, might be a bit disappointed. As its more of a fictional retelling of sanju’s story.
However that does not dilute the powerful father son bond shown in the film and the trials and tribulations of a famous person’s life.
The story does its job in trying to clear the name or failing that at least give an alternative view of sanju’s life.

Acting :
The trailers showed off how good Ranbir Kapoor is at slipping into Sanjay Dutt’s shoes. The full film doesn’t disappoint in the acting department. Ranbir Kapoor deserves a best actor award for his portrayal of Sanjay Dutt. He is really good in the role and doesn’t miss a beat.

Supporting him is Vicky Kaushal. Who Plays Sanju Baba’s loyal friend. It is said that he is the amalgamation of 2 or 3 of sanjay’s real life friends. Vicky is REALLY good in this film, he starts out as an over the top Gujju Caricature but soon fills his role with heart and warmth. His role is the third most important role in this film about a father, son and his friend.

Which brings us to the father. Sunil dutt is played by Paresh Rawal and although he is a really great actor, he cannot hope to match up with the real Sunil dutt who is a legend. Rawal tries really hard and mostly succeeds but still remembering the real Dutt Sahib and his acting, this performance falls a bit short. But that is not the actor’s fault. Not many can film Sunil Dutt’s shoes. Infact currently no one in Bollywood can act and convince an audience that they are watching Sunil Dutt on screen.

Manisha Koirala, Dia Mirza, Anushka sharma, Sonam Kapoor and Boman Irani round of the rest of the notable casting. Everyone of them has done justice to their roles, but none of the side characters have a standout performance. There is a nice cameo by Arshad Warsi which made me miss his Circuit character even more…

Direction & Editing:
Raju Hirani is credited as the director-editor of the film. He is one of India’s best directors and he doesn’t disappoint in the least. But the subject matter lets him down a bit. This is not munnabhai or PK, this is a real life story and has to be dealt with sensitivity and there is not much of the classic Raju hirani comedy. Which is fine, but it does make the film a bit boring and slightly dragging in parts.
Regardless, he manages to outshine the writing and somehow turn this simple story into something better.

Overall :

In this film, Sanjay dutt has told his side of the sotry, but it is missing important details of his life such as his first marriage, his fallout (supposed) with his own sister and how he met his current wife. Maybe all of that would have diluted from this script but these omissions do seem to try and show Sanjay as a different person than he might be in real life.

Not to mention the message of the film is given as,
1. Sunil Dutt was a great man who did a lot for his wife and children
2. The press is a horrible thing, almost a daily consumption drug of masala news and sensation (the movie’s words… not mine)
If you would find such a thing offensive, then this film is not for you. But dutt and hirani have taken a LOT of pot shots at the press and the only pervasive villain in the film is looming specter of the press. This is not going to make the press happy.

Rating :
This is a solid 7/10 film. Not as good as Hirani’s previous films. But an important film for Sanjay Dutt, the misunderstood star.

This film DOES address the whole, is he a terrorist thing. In fact a LARGE portion of the film is all about that. I don’t have any personal opinion on the same, but it is part of the film.
In the end, will it change the minds of those who think he is a criminal and making a film about him is not ok ?

The film also addresses it via a dialog by Anushka sharma. They know it won’t change the minds of the haters, but it does give Sanjay a chance to say his two words.

Only question is… are you curious enough to spend your money to hear his side of the story ?

Parv Kaur reviewed Sanju
This movie was actually made to stop the rumors and speculations made about the life of Sanjay Dutt by bringing forward his #trueStory and it was really successful in doing so. Though some believe that this was just an act by Sanjay dutt to improve his public image which had been hindered since 20 years. If we talk about the acting I seriously couldn't tell any difference between Rabir Kapoor and Sanjay Dutt and so I can say it was mostly #characterDriven. This movie was quite #entertaining and #inspiring at the same time. The #friendship potrayed between Sanjay Dutt and Kamlesh(played by Vicky Kaushal) made us all #emotional till the end.
Fact + Fiction = Winner
The trailer must have convinced you enough to watch this movie.
The first half of the movie is based on actor Sanjay Dutt's drug addiction and irresponsible behavior, while the second half is based on his involvement, or rather alleged non-involvement, in the 1993 Bombay blasts and the media circus.
One is completely engrossed in the movie right from the first second, as Ranbir Kapoor acting as Sanjay Dutt takes you through Dutt's life. While you grow to not like Dutt's habits and behaviors, the movie still makes you want to sympathize with him, hold his hand through his troubles, instead of disliking him for his actions. This movie has all the essentials of a Bollywood movie- comedy, friendship, heartbreak, conspiracy; and hence leaves you more appalled at the fact that it is based on a real person's life journey, which could not have been more closer to a roller coaster ride. While it still does not explore certain areas of Dutt's life, such as his relationship with his sister or his first wife, it makes you realize further what a dramatic life Sanjay Dutt has had.
Needless to say, Ranbir Kapoor has given us an award-winning performance, Paresh Rawal has made us love and respect Sunil Dutt even more, and the portrayal of the father-son relationship proves to be one of the main highlights of he film. Everybody wants a friend like Kamli, played by Vicky Kaushal, in their lives. While there are many more stars who are a part of this movie, their roles are short lived and do not have as much of an impact on you, other than Jim Sarbh playing Sanjay Dutt's bad influence, Zubin Mistry. Rajkumar Hirani has done it again, by giving us a movie people of all ages and types will love.
The movie has done a great job of serving its purpose- cleaning up Sanjay Dutt's image as much as it can. Hence, while watching the movie, one must make sure to keep it mind that it is, after all, a movie, and is just a version or small part of the bigger picture. Yet, the movie is a must watch.
Ranbir+Raju= Best Combo
Sanju is a film co-written and directed by Rajkumar Hirani. Having watched the trailers I knew I was in for a blast. And finally after a delay in watching thefilm, I came out of the hall happy as ever.

Plot: The film chronicles the life of Sanjay Dutt from 1980s till his release from jail in 2016.

Story and direction: With a film like Sanju, Rajkumar Hirani had a big responsibility in his hands. Firstly, to be able to present the story of Sanjay Dutt to the audience in a way that is not cringe-worthy and secondly, not to disappoint his audience with a different kind of film that he was making. But Raju Hirani just did it again and he yet again just proved why he is the most sought after director in recent times. Hirani and Abhijat Joshi (co-writer of the film) have crafted a wonderful story that encompasses the varied life of actor Sajnay Dutt. Nevre for a second does the film meander around. Hirani just knows what emotions of the audience to tap. From scene one, you feel invested in this story. Although this film is not as light-hearted as his previous ventures, but he insert some scenes that do generate some laughs and they don’t feel forced. Also the themes of friendship and parenthood are so correctly justified in this film that I just couldnn’t complain. Since Hirani does edit his films himself, so he just knows what is necessary in the film. I would like to commend on the make-up team who have just made the actors look so real. Also the VFX team does a great job at merging the Sanjay Dutt’s film scenes with this film. But I did have one small little problem with the film. But I would say this is me being nit-picky. There is a particular scene where the timelines don’t match and a small little conversation that made no sense.

Performances: Never in a film I have seen where everyone was either great or extraordinary. Ranbir Kapoor so beautifully embodied Sanjay Dutt that I felt I was watching Sanajy on the screen. Paresh Rawal was also good as Sunil Dutt. Manisha Koriala also gave life to Nargis beautifully. Vicky Kaushal mastered the Gujurati accent with ease in addition to giving a compelling performance. Anushka Sharma, Jim Sarbh, Diya Mirza and Sonam Kapoor did deliver some good performances.

Music; Raju Hirani just gives the perfect music to his films whci I do like. He relates his songs to the particular scene. My favorite song was ‘Kar Har Maidaan Fateh’.

Favoriet Scene: It would be the scene where Sanju gives a speech of thanking his father. That scene depicted how special is the father-son bond.

Verdict: With his fifth film, Raju Hirani just proved that he is a hit machine unlike any other.

I am going with a 9/10.
My life is like a bord of a ladder and snakes goes up and come down ur goal is move forward...!for your destination where we should keep effort where we can see your dd's it mean that determination and dedication
Amar Kant reviewed Sanju
From every aspect this movie is unique I its own way .The movie reflect it is Hirani's movies. #friendship #actting_descriptive_ranbirkapoor_sanjay_dutt_ditto.A good grosser movie of the year extraordinary timing of every scene.
Average Film with lame defence for king of bad choices
You can now expect a Salman Khan biopic soon. Where Somy Ali, a husband beater, hires a black buck to kill Sallu. The black buck injures Sallu badly. Sohail Khan then takes him wounded to hospital on a vegetable cart. A Mumbai pothole disbalances the cart and it accidentally knocks off six people on the footpath .. dead! The audience cheer, clap and shed tears for Salman. The film ends with Malaika Arora hiring the same black buck to trap Arbaaz in match fixing!
The movie was eye opening for the ones who waste their lives under the impressions of drugs. It is inspirational and motivating. It gives us a new way to live and enjoy life. The twist and turns kept the audience but some of the truths were untouched. Despite of it, the story was amazing, funny and emotional. From the cast to the special effects, from the dialogues to costumes everything seemed perfect.
Ranbir, nailed it!!!
awesome movie
KEEPER rated Sanju