Cliched, Typical Bollywood Romance. Limited to hardcore SRK fans
The most popular pair of Bollywood, SRK and Kajol are back. The director with ‘Hit movies’ formula, Rohit Shetty is back with SRK, after the huge success of Chennai Express. The movie stars Shah Rukh Khan as Raj/Kali, Varun Dhawan as Veer, Kajol as Meera, Kriti Sanon as Ishita and Boman Irani as King.
The movie starts as Raj as an owner of a garage and Veer as younger brother of Raj. As a masala Bollywood would have it, Veer meets Ishita and feels attracted to her. He offers her help and starts finding ways to meet her. They fell in love eventually and decide to tell their family about their relationship. Turns out, Ishita is the younger sister of Meera, the ex of Raj. Raj and Meera had ‘love gone bad’ 15 years ago, so they refuse to accept this relationship of Ishita and Veer. The second sequence of the movie starts with the flashback of the love story of Raj and Meera. Raj is a son of a mafia and smuggles gold. Then there are a couple of twists in the story which I won’t spoil.
The screenplay of the movie tells the story in a linear way which looks like an attempted shot at suspense. It is not. The story is so predictable that after the first twist (which appears after 55th minute), you can very well predict the whole movie.
So this must have the been the conversation of SRK and Rohit Shetty when they were discussing the script of Dilwale
SRK: So what is the script of Dilwale?
Rohit Shetty: We have you and Kajol Ma’am and some fancy cars. Why do we need a story?
SRK: But we have to show something to the audience for 2 hours.
Rohit Shetty: All right, we will make you the son of a mafia, Kajol ma’am a daughter of a mafia, put Varun and Kriti for support and some fancy cars. Is that enough?
SRK: That’s all? The movie needs to be better.
Rohit Shetty: Okay, let’s put Boman Irani, Varun Sharma, Johnny Lever and Sanjay Mishra for comedy. That makes it 300 crores.
SRK: But what about actions scenes?
Rohit Shetty: Oh I have that covered. I will blow some fancy cars which is enough to blow the mind of the audience. I will have you beat the crap out of 50+ people and put the theme music at the end of that scene to make audience believe it.
SRK: What about romance? I’m known for that.
Rohit Shetty: Don’t worry about it. The music of the movie is amazing, we have some amazing locations. Besides, I have shamelessly copied the 2 minute Ted-Stella date scene from How I Met Your Mother. Our audience is fool, they will think it’s original
SRK: Excellent! That’s gonna make 500 crores.
Rohit Shetty: Kudos bro, we’re the man!
The movie is so bad that if you put any other actor instead of SRK and Kajol, I bet you’d make an excuse of going to the washroom and escape from ventilator like people do after meeting an ugly blind date.
The cast has done an appealing job. SRK, best actor in Bollywood, is superb in his role. Kajol is excellent, she is delight to watch. Varun has done a decent role and Kriti is cute. Sanjay Mishra is a great actor and has done a hilarious acting as he always does. Boman Irani is a gem of an actor but hasn’t been used properly.
Music of the movie is beautiful. Camera and location team has done excellent jobs. Overall, the movie meets what is expected from a Rohit Shetty movie.
Final Verdict: The movie is limited to hardcore SRK fans and who enjoy Rohit Shetty movies. For others, it’s just another evening spent in a movie theatre with friends/family. 2.5/5
For Srk-Kajol Lovers
Rohit Shetty and team are back again with Shah Rukh Khan. This time, the star casts are bigger including Kajol, Varun Dhawan, Kriti Sanon, Boman Irani, Johny Lever, Varun Sharma and Sanjay Mishra.
Concept is not new. But the presentation is. Comedy part of the film is very high along with high doze of action scenes. We can see emotional scenes for the first time in Rohit's movie. Locations are fabulous. Though Gerua song doesn't look like real, but, it is. All the action sequences were shoot with the help of stuntmen, and believe me, it's a hard job as I'd seen the making.
Srk looks stunning. His charming gestures has aw-struck feelings for the ladies. As I have heard many times in the hall. Whistles have been played when Srk develop the angry expression for the first time. That scene was paisa-wasul. Varun Dhawan is the second lead in male. He is good, and his tunning with Srk is superb. Their emotional scene is one of the plus points.
Kajol looks beautiful. Her pair with Srk is the best. I love her in all her films, so this time too she rolled it. Her character has many shades, and she portrays every shade superbly. Kriti looks gorgeous. She suits with the film and Varun, too.
Varun Sharma is a good comedian. His solo speech is awesome. Johny Lever is as usual. Boman Irani is nice. The man, Sanjay Mishra is too good. Kabir Bedi and Vinod Khanna have cameo roles, and they are perfect.
Dialogues have been penned by Farhad-Sajid. Humor is more compare to Chennai Express. But, it is less compare to Golmaal series.
Music by Pritam is good. Gerua is a hit. Janam Janam is as well. Emotion song is cool. Tukur Tukur is suitable in the end titles. I don't get the reason why they put that slow song in the last 20 minutes. I mean it's unnecessary. Lyrics by Amitabh Bhattacharya is enjoyable.
On the whole, SRK-Kajol lovers have to watch them on the silver screen. I'm sure I don't want to say to Srk's fans to watch this, because they will for sure. Others may find it slow and boring. But, definitely a one time watch in the theater.
Shahrukh-Kajol come back!!
The main highlight of this film was Shahrukh-Kajol comeback film.The bond between 2 brothers and 2 sisters were quite well portrayed. It was just a misunderstanding that ruined the life of two love birds and at last resolved.The date plan as made in the movie was the one I liked a lot which was again a trend for latter. Kajol looked stunning and her get up and dresses were love!It was a package of action,comedy,romance all packed together.A good movie to watch for all the SRK and Kajol fans of course!!So overall although not an outstanding movie but a good movie it was altogether with some awesome tracks!!

I found out that a theater near me would be showing Dilwale a day early! I went and waded through huge crowds of Star Wars fans dressed up in their Chewbacca pajamas to see it tonight! The theater showing Dilwale wasn't even a half full. I'm not sure people realized it would be showing today. And it was $20! I think SRK is taking a page from Baahubali and other Telugu movies that charge a premium.

I will try to be spoiler free. I enjoyed it, but I was not blown away. Let's just say it will not go down as my favorite SRK/Kajol film ever. The action parts were very good, the SRK/Kajol story line had meat to it, and they gave it their all. But it's very much a Rohit Shetty film. There were lots of comedy bits to the movie that just weren't funny to me. Lots of Johnny Lever and a young friend of Varun's. I don't think the Desi audience I saw it with found those parts hilarious either. And I like Boman Irani, but he and the other comedic actors felt like they were trying too hard or something. For those of us who've seen a lot of Bollywood films, there's one comedy scene in a cafe where the TV keeps changing channels with lines from old films that is very amusing.

Some parts of the SRK/Kajol storyline were very swoonworthy. Varun had great chemistry with SRK, but his female costar has no sparkle. She's no Kajol.

The very last line of the film did make me very happy.

I wonder if it's my expectations going in. I want the SRK/Kajol reunion to be directed by Aditya Chopra, not Rohit Shetty with flying cars every which way. It's like wanting Nora Ephron and getting Michael Bay.
Not really many reasons to hang on to this movie throughout its length. Except for a few good scenes between SRK and kajol,
the rest is just about graphics.

The team Should try to make better movies with their previous track records!
Samyuktha reviewed Dilwale
Basks in DDLJ glory
The action #masala movie has a stellar cast in the form of eternally awesome couple SRK-Kajol, Varun and Krithi. However, Rohit Shetty seems to have gone awry in getting this movie a firmer look.
Nothing is new about the plot. A doting brother, a pretty and petite heroine who is an eye-candy and a #bestOfAction villain, Dilwale houses it all. The running enmity between the two leading families and how they try to patch-up their relationship may not pass-off as a novel plot.
Apart from these, the chases, #stylish cars and the #inspiring locations are a respite from the usual monotony. The plentiful #cliched turns where the leads end up in the same city is very annoying.
Otherwise, a #oneTimeWatch for the all those who wish to see the leading pair of DDLJ trying to trigger their past glory again.
Give it a miss
Being a diehard SRK and DDLJ fan, I expected a mature lovestory. However, it turned out to be a dissapointing bogus story of random characters put together to create a dry humoured movie:( SRK you broke my heart big time:(:(
rohit shetty lost his screws.
Full injustice to the characters. With such a good lineup of classic actors, story and the plot is a villain. Annoying script. shahrukh should start paying for a script analyst. You can watch only srk and kajol's chemistry and varun and kriti's good looks. If you want to taste that go ahead. Have a safe ride.
Since rohit shetty made film with SRK, he has lost his comedy and punches.
SRK and Sanjay Mishra were the saviours.
I like POGO part the most :)