Deadpool 2 Review

Rohon Nag
  • 4/5
This pool aint no fool !


So The father of all 4th wall breaking, cursing, murdering, mercenary of all time is back in Deadpool 2…

Is this movie as good as the first part?

The answer to that is a resounding yes.

Does it break new grounds and do new things with the character?

Well… YES and NO.

The thing with deadpool is that the film makers are more than aware of what made the first one tick and they have very diligently stuck to the same formula. The film is a bit disjointed and the tone shifts wildly in the middle. But are you really going to this film for the plot and story?

The star of this film is DEADPOOL, his one lines, the jokes, the comedy, the grisly action… this is why we go for a deadpool film as compared to a MCU film. This film has that in spades.

That’s not saying that the story or PLOT make no sense, they do, the plot is fine, if a bit derivative, but when it gets too predictable, Deadpool just cracks in a line about LAZY Writing and we are over the slump of a plot convenience.

The thing to watch here is an unflinching performance of a slightly sociopathic anti-hero and his antics.

This time he is not alone, other than the 2 x-men from the previous film, he is also joined by a new team, known as the X-Force. They add a much needed breath of fresh air to the predictable sequel.

The humour is top notch, the jokes this time are less topical and more movie references, which the worldwide audiences will be able to relate more with than some USA or Canada centric jokes.

The music works, but isn’t as good as the first part and this film’s action does seem like its missing Tim Miller’s touch. The action is more John wicky… which makes perfect sense, but its lost its special awesomeness. But none of that takes away from the film.

Overall, the comedy, the action and Ryan Reynolds aka Deadpool will keep you entirely entertained.

Rating : a Solid 7.5/10. Not the best superhero film, but the most SELF aware superhero film for sure!

p.s : To fully enjoy this film, it’s not mandatory but its recommended to have seen the First part, and also these following films. (Even if not seen recently, just knowing about these films will suffice)

1. Batman V superman

2. Green Lantern

3. Star Wars Episode 4 & 5

4. X-Men First Class / Days of Future Past.

5. Any Bond film from the 60s and 70s. (ANY)

AND MOST importantly, this IS more of less a mandatory viewing.

4. X-men Origins Wolverine.