Dangal Review

Rohon Nag
  • 5/5
Quite a dhobi pachad of a film ! slam dunk!

I wasn’t particularly interested in this film, there has been a overload of wrestling films this year from Sultan to Salla khadoos to this one. I knew it would be a good film, Aamir Khan doesn’t disappoint usually… But I wasn’t expecting this…

Dangal works on every level. From social commentary to a father daughter(s) story to a sports film to being an inspiration to all Indians (women or men). It’s nearly impossible to make a film work on so many levels and yet not come across as preachy or melodramatic.

This movie gets it all, right. From the way its shot to the way its scored. Acting wise aamir isn’t the only shining part as is the case in a SRK or a Salman film. Every small role is played out flawlessly and authentically. The child actors portraying geeta and babita as well as their cousin, steal a lot of scenes. They also get some of the best lines in the movie. Aamir doesn’t hog the limelight but also displays a father story, his contribution and struggle.

I had only seen one trailer (maybe there is only one?) So I had no clue where it was all headed. There is nothing too surprising in the story and plot as it is based on a real life person(s). The first half is much faster and better flowing, things DO slow down at the start of the second half, but what the film loses in pace it gains in intensity and by the end it manages to pull it off without resorting to drama and theatrics.

As I mentioned before the score is also amazing. The songs go so well with the film and don’t feel forced at all.

Rating: This film is a perfect 10/10. The slowdown in the film post interval notwithstanding, this movie knocked it out of the ball park. A MUST see for everyone.

P.s: (Mild Spoilers) There is a scene in the end which has the national anthem playing over it. it lead to a comical event in real life where the theater, not sure if people aught to stand up or not (they dont need to) switched on the lights so that everyone could be shamed into standing up. 90% of the people did, 10% didn't. No words were exchanged, no heated argument, the movie continued, the lights went off and everyone sat down. Nation is happy, people are not so inconvenienced, except for the poor bloke who had a tub of popcorn between his legs !

Aamir Khan owns the performance..salute
Piyush Arya
Aamir Khan performance was not a surprise. What I find great about the movie which went unnoticed is the dangal matches shown. The complete view was shown with no shaking of cameras which is generally the case with other movies like चकदे! इंडिया will either show hockey movement at one time and player's face at other. The matches in दंगल looked real and you can actually follow what exactly is hapenning.