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दंगल (2016)

Rohon Nag reviewed Dangal
Quite a dhobi pachad of a film ! slam dunk!
I wasn’t particularly interested in this film, there has been a overload of wrestling films this year from Sultan to Salla khadoos to this one. I knew it would be a good film, Aamir Khan doesn’t disappoint usually… But I wasn’t expecting this…

Dangal works on every level. From social commentary to a father daughter(s) story to a sports film to being an inspiration to all Indians (women or men). It’s nearly impossible to make a film work on so many levels and yet not come across as preachy or melodramatic.

This movie gets it all, right. From the way its shot to the way its scored. Acting wise aamir isn’t the only shining part as is the case in a SRK or a Salman film. Every small role is played out flawlessly and authentically. The child actors portraying geeta and babita as well as their cousin, steal a lot of scenes. They also get some of the best lines in the movie. Aamir doesn’t hog the limelight but also displays a father story, his contribution and struggle.

I had only seen one trailer (maybe there is only one?) So I had no clue where it was all headed. There is nothing too surprising in the story and plot as it is based on a real life person(s). The first half is much faster and better flowing, things DO slow down at the start of the second half, but what the film loses in pace it gains in intensity and by the end it manages to pull it off without resorting to drama and theatrics.

As I mentioned before the score is also amazing. The songs go so well with the film and don’t feel forced at all.

Rating: This film is a perfect 10/10. The slowdown in the film post interval notwithstanding, this movie knocked it out of the ball park. A MUST see for everyone.

P.s: (Mild Spoilers) There is a scene in the end which has the national anthem playing over it. it lead to a comical event in real life where the theater, not sure if people aught to stand up or not (they dont need to) switched on the lights so that everyone could be shamed into standing up. 90% of the people did, 10% didn't. No words were exchanged, no heated argument, the movie continued, the lights went off and everyone sat down. Nation is happy, people are not so inconvenienced, except for the poor bloke who had a tub of popcorn between his legs !
Aamir Khan owns the performance..salute
Piyush Arya
Aamir Khan performance was not a surprise. What I find great about the movie which went unnoticed is the dangal matches shown. The complete view was shown with no shaking of cameras which is generally the case with other movies like चकदे! इंडिया will either show hockey movement at one time and player's face at other. The matches in दंगल looked real and you can actually follow what exactly is hapenning.
भेड़ की हाहाकार के बदले, शेर की एक दहाड़ है प्यारे - दंगल!
Aamir Khan is back after 'pk' as a wrestler who wants his daughter to win the Gold for the nation. It is a biopic of Mahavir Phogat. And believe me, it's a must watch biopic to get inspiration. To achieve something you have to let go the rest of the things.

A simple story with great performances make this film a worthy watch. Aamir Khan is as usual fantastic. But, the girls are true heroes of this film. Fatimah who plays Geeta is a sure shot winner. She looks exactly as per her character and delivers great impact as a wrestler. Younger girls of Geeta and Babita are also very fine. Sakshi has a small role, but she plays it safely. Aparshakti Khurana is doing a voice over here and plays a role of the girls' cousin brother. He is funny and entertains the audiences for sure. Girish Kulkarni is also there, who delivered a classy performance in Ugly. So, the star cast and their performances are the biggest point of Dangal.

Direction and writing by Nitesh Tiwari are worthy enough for viewers as they don't get bored in any situation. Except one, after interval song, that is like something slow paced. Everyone has to applause him as he gives justice to Phogat's family and doesn't add any extra material which we often see in Bollywood movies. He has delivered the frame as it is, so the middle class viewer can easily be able to connect with the film.

What I like the most in the film apart from the performances is Music. Pritam has given it with the lyrics of Amitabh Bhatacharya. Both were amazing in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. This time also they are killing the stereotypes. I loved all the songs. I'm downloading it. Hanikarak Bapu and Dhakad are pitch perfect. They have some english words as well as some pure Hindi words in them which make them enjoyable. But the best song is by far the Title track in the voice of Daler Mehndi. Full marks to the music department!

Yes, it is very emotional film. Those who get the connection easily with films, may cry during some scenes. Even I'm one of them, too.
It is better than Sultan, because it's a pure wrestling movie with a family background. Sultan was like a love story with a background of wrestling till interval and then box fighting post interval. I wish, Dangal may cross the record of Sultan at Box Office.

On the whole, just go and enjoy the perfect film with your entire family as many time as you can. Btw, I will go for the second time for sure. So, 2016 has ended with a perfect film. Jai Hind!
KEEPER reviewed Dangal
😍😍{[Bapu sehat ke liye tu toh hanikarak hai]}😂😂
Favourite song for motivation
The movie is a #biopic on two indian lady wrestler GEETA & BABITA
Their journey is being potrayed #fabulously which will motivate you to go on your journey Aamir khan is their father
Everything aside if u r bored by watching futuristic fights of robots and aliens then pls watch this...🤩
Maria Ray reviewed Dangal
Dangal is probably the best Amir Khan movie ever and is certainly best among the recent biopics. The movie deserves every kind of national Award from Best Director (Nitesh Tiwari) to Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress and what not. Amir Khan was not only one who was brilliant . Fatima Sheikh and Zaira Wasim were no less. the movie tackles several concepts such as : Women Empowerment, Child Marriage, Politics in Sports, Struggle of athletes, Sacrifice of parents, importance of listening to parents. Overall i would give the movie 98% rating for doing so much of hard works that actually succeeded. The movie is Great!
Parv Kaur reviewed Dangal
"Maari choriyan Choron se kam hai ke?" This dialogue turned out to be such influential that it was helpful to change the mindsets of many. Aamir Khan produced and acted Dangal is based on a #trueStory of 2 sisters Geeta Phogat and Babita Phogat who have won many Wrestling championships. This whole movie is #inspiring because at one point you enjoy the #LOLFunny scenes and at the next point the situation is #emotional . Its a #mustWatch for everyone. The role of the father of these girls Mahavir Singh Phogatwas played by Aamir Khan very precisely. He is shown as a strict father who earlier wanted a boy to carry on the family lineage of boxing but then when he saw the strength of his girls , he realized his mistake. This movie would make you believe in Women Power.
Meghna Yadav reviewed Dangal
Director Nitesh Tiwari has created his Magnum Opus through this film. Each and every minute details in the film are on point. Be it the dull paint on wall or the way the girls aged. Amir Khan's body transformation was just the tip of the ice-berg (not exaggerating), there was so much more. The performances were as real as it can get it. Also, Amir Khan just did not played the part, he became the part and this can be said for each and every character too. The other stuff that was awesome in the film was Aparshakti Khurana's role. He braught comedy at places which were so right and saved the film from being utterly serious. I will give 4 stars to this flick! #excited #empowered #happy #ecstatic :)
One more fantastic film by Aamir Khan. The film has everything. Drama, emotion, action, comedy. The film never stepped away from the main plot line. Although the last sequence of the film was very much dramatized. The film has something for every part of Indian society.
Acting: Aamir did great as every time he does. The girls were great with their roles. Sakshi Tanwar nailed the role of the mother.
Film: The cinematography was great. The direction was little loose but Aamir saved it. Wrestling scenes were shot with great efforts and accuracy.

Final verdict: Total family movie. I recommend it to everyone.
I give this 9/10
There have been a string of inspiring movies about empowering girls in sports recently in Indian cinema. Just this year there's been Sultan and the boxing movie Irudhi Suttru. Dangal is not groundbreaking because it's about the first women wrestler to win a gold at the Commonwealth games (and then the first Indian woman wrestler to make the Olympics.) What's groundbreaking is that Aamir Khan plays his age, and shows it. Full review:
Aamir Khan performance was not a surprise(lets assume he didn't do Dhoom 3). What I find great about the movie which went unnoticed is the Dangal matches shown. The complete view was shown with no shaking of cameras which is generally the case with other movies like @chak-de-india will either show hockey movement at one time and player's face at other.
The matches in @dangal looked real and you can actually follow what exactly is happening. Details like this along with kickass performances made it a perfect movie.
DilseBen reviewed Dangal
"Mr Perfectionist & his on-screen daughters nails this excellent sports drama!!!"
Frankly speaking, I feel this is one of Aamir's best performance to date if not the very best. Actually, it might seem like a tall ask but I have a feeling that it will usurp "PK" as the biggest blockbuster of all time. In short, it has all the ingredients that one could ask for & though I might sound a bit biased being a sports drama; I would suggest that you guys got to definitely watch it!!!
. #inspiring #mustWatch #heartWarming #thoughtProvoking
Rishi Raghu reviewed Dangal
The movie did very good on the part of collection and its considered to be a big hit as any of the aamir movies does but what i felt was drama was similar to that of chak de and sultan nothing that great too much of boasting but still inwoyld rate it 3.5 because its neverthless a good and inspiring movie for young generation
Sambit Gupta reviewed Dangal
A Must Watch.
Dangal - It's a love story. Shocked???
Relax! It is a father-daughter love story, unlike Sultan. Therefore, try to watch the film without comparing because both are very much different from each other. Aamir Khan is back after two long years and as usual, his movie is worth the wait. Aamir Khan excels in every scene as Mahavir Singh Phogat. He is perfect as the strict father of Geeta and Babita. The young girls deserve a special mention for their role. Zaira and Fatima are excellent in their respective characters. After Bhoothnath Returns, Nitesh Tiwari is back with a movie in which you would rarely find flaws(keeping aside cinematic liberties). Sakshi Tanwar is the perfect support as Mahavir's wife. Hard hitting dialogues, crisp editing, flawless direction, background music, cinematography and every other thing make this a must watch for one and all.
Credit goes to the director for not making it a typical commercial affair. Major surprise comes in the form of Arijit Singh's 'Naina' which will surely make you emotional. Every sports drama is incomplete without a large dose of patriotism. Dangal is patriotic, emotional and equally inspiring. Surely, you will root for the characters.
Note :- Don't dare to miss this. Definitely one of the best movies of 2016.
Warning :- STAND UP for the National Anthem TWICE.

Must watch
The movie showcases a stubborn father who makes his daughter's professional wrestlers by standing against the odds. The story does not have any fancy Bollywood masala in it and yet you will love it.
Rahul reviewed Dangal
Provoking #entertaining #must-watch
Written by Nitesh Tiwari, Dangal is an inspirational movie that tells about former Indian National level Wrestler Mahavir Phogat (Aamir khan) who could not win gold for India but he prepares his two daughters, Geeta and Babita to win gold for India in commonwealth games.
This achievement is particularly striking considering that Haryana has one of India