Daawat-e-Ishq Review

  • 3/5

Sweet Rom com.

Parineeti plays Gullu, a young shop girl burned one to many times by callous men and their families expecting outrageous dowries -- something illegal in India, but still pervasive.

She convinces her father to scheme to catch the next jerk who proposes to her, and extort money so they won't be jailed for demanding a dowry. She and her father will then use the money to immigrate to America.

They disguise themselves as a wealthy pair from Dubai, and go to the city of Lucknow with fake documents to find their sucker.

The applicant that just won't give up is young restaurant owner who wins her over with his fantastic food, and his egalitarian attitude. They capture his parents on tape asking for a dowry, but then later he gives her the money as he doesn't think it's right. After a mock ceremony, they drug him and leave the city with the cash.

Gullu is tormented by guilt, and there is a happy ending when she ultimately returns the money. Aditya was sweet, but would he have gotten over his outrage that quickly?

Not much to this film, but the music was good, and the romance was sweet. Daawat in Urdu means both Invitation and Feast, and the double meaning of Invitation to Love and Feast of Love works well with our hero's profession.