Byomkesh Bakshi By author Saradindo bandhopadyay is an epic series of a 20th century detective which was later turned into many films. This series of Byomkesh Bakshi presented by HoiChoi is a cult classic detective series that deals with crimes culminating during the 1930s. so far we know or one who has heard of Byomkesh Bakshi for the first time should know he is bengali detective but doesn't like to call himself a dtective instead calls himself "Satyanashi" meaning seeker for truth. Byomesh Bakshi the Indian Sherlock Holmes had a Watson too Named Ajit Ganguly, he was an author and would pen down all the Byomkesh mystry. There is not much to comment on the storyline as it is what all bengalis grew up learning, he is a perfect detective who mostly work on intuition.
This is the season 2 of Byomkesh in this season there are only two episode, this time Byomkesh has a client who has predicted his own murdder and asks Byomkesh to investigate his own murder, hereafter the story proceeds. This series is full of twists and turns epic thrill and a lot of Mystry hidden in this case.
Overall the script and dialogs are excellent and the direction and editing is too good. The only thing about this series is that it is in bengali which is inconvinient for people who do not understand the language otherwise it is a MUST WATCH series that will keep you on the edge of your seat till it ends.