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Black Panther (2018)

This panther has claws!
To the horror of the white supremists and racists everywhere, Black Panther is a movie which shows the dark skinned African as not just the best in the world, but above, way way above the average first world country.

Welcome to the new world. This film is quite an achievement. Not just in filmmaking, but also in cultural and social impact.
Black Panther follows the story of T’challa who we first met in Civil War and his ongoing fight to secure his secretive kingdom Wakanda.

The movie:

Black Panther is a slick film, its like Lion King meets James bond. It has its bond-ish villain, the gadgets and T’challa’s own sister is the wakandan version of Q. but the film goes on to be much more than just a stylish slicker and has some good message about nations and helping the people around you.
The direction:

Ryan coogler is a relatively new director with just 3 films total till date. However, he has made some good films, Fruitvale station, creed both hit the ball out of the park and this movie too is a directorial homerun. The film manages to humanize the villain, show that heroes and the past isn’t perfect and sometimes the old way of life can exist with new ways without causing conflicts. All this along with great sense of characters and timing of dialogs, comedy or seriousness, these are some of this director’s win for this film.
The movie does not come across as cheesy or campy, but it still has the tribal feel, even with new technology and superheroes.
And, That is the best part of the film…
It does not feel like a superhero film at all, it’s like we forget they are superheroes, the conflict boils down to the key issues. The use of technology and costumes is secondary. Which is how it always must be…

The Acting:

This movie is a whos who of the Black community in Hollywood. From Forest whitaker to Angela Bassett, not to mention Get Out’s Daniel Kaluuya, the actors are all top notch and they bring their acting chops to the film.
Chadwick Boseman is quite effortless as T’Challa, he shows how he is a king and a warrior. He was excellent in Civil War and continues here with a powerful performance. He also has a humourous side, which he tries to hide, but sometimes comes through.
Other notable performance is the role of T’challa’s sister Shuri. She is quirky but just the right amount and can fight when she has to. I personally would love to see her interaction with Tony Stark if there is ever such a scenario.

The Music & Sounds :

This movie wouldn’t work is not for the sounds and music. The feel of the music is definitely African and for us 80’s kids, the sound track at times reminds us of the Lion King.
The songs used go well with the film and there is a very deadpool moment where Ulysses Klaue Played by the legendary Andy Serkis (last seen in Age of Ultron), shouts to his henchman to start the music, this isn’t a funeral and then the song blasts away during the action.

Overall :

The film has many goods, but it is not without its negatives.
They have done a smart thing with the film. This film is most isolated film in the new MCU as they know a LOT of new people will see this film due to its cultural relevance. Many of those who haven’t been following the Marvel Movies. Therefore, this film stands on its own and the events of Civil War is recapped (in brief) to help this movie’s plot flow better.
Now the films biggest problem, due to this same thing, nothing happens in this film, which has any impact on the larger MCU, except maybe the last post credit scene. If someone does not see this film, skips from Civil War to Infinity War, they would not miss a beat. Everything comes back to the same after the film. The movie’s plot neatly ties itself up without anything actually happening.
This makes this film, redundant.
Not to mention the film’s plot is more or less a remake of Iron Man 2 with more Africa and a much better villain.
So don’t go in expecting a Thor Ragnarok, the events of which has changed the marvel’s universe!

Rating :

7.5 / 10.

This is a damn good film, lots of fun action, surprising and non cliché moments. The VFX is stupendous and truly one of the best marvel films of phase 3, but then again unlike DC marvel REALLY knows what it is doing so far!

Add to this 7.5 score the historical and cultural relevance of this film, I give a final score of 9 / 10.

All Hail the Panther
Black Panther is a film co-written and directed by Ryan Coogler. After a brief appearance in Civil War, I was very happy to hear this character getting a solo film. The trailers looked awesome and increased my expectations for it. Finally, after watching the film I can say that it was a great film.

Plot: T'Challa returns home as king of Wakanda but finds his sovereignty challenged by a long-time adversary, in a conflict with global consequences.

Story and direction: Ryan Coogler was the perfect director for this film as he breathed new life in the MCU as he very nicely did it in the Rocky Series. The story very nicely intertwines the African culture along with the issues that every African American faces. This film is not the regular sueprhero film, which makes it stand apart from the rest. The characters of this film also make you glued to the screen. We have T'Challa who has a lot of responsibility not only as king but to the world also as a citizen. Then Killmonger, who also has a point in his statements but goes about it maybe in the wrong way. Which makes his villain mean something and stand-apart. Dora Milaje aspect was also great. The production values are enormous and it feels justified. Also the designs for Wakanda were awesome. It looked like a country that I would like to visit in the future. The background score was awesome. It further infused in the African Culture. Hats off to Ryan and team for the hard work put into this venture. The action scenes although minimal, were awesome and great. Where the film failed were the VFX. Considering that MCU have given great spectacles for almost 10 years now, VFX not being upto the mark is almost equal to a sin.

Performance: Chadwick Boseman was great as T'Challa. The various shades of his character were perfectly acted by him. But the icing on the cake was Michael B Jordan. He pulled of the conflicted character with ease. People may not be wrong in saying of him being the best villain since Loki. Lupita N'yongo and Danai Gurira were earnest in their roles. Letitia Wright was quite the Q in this venture. Her comic timing was spot on. Daniel Kaluuya delivered a good performance.Winston Duke was great too. So was Angela Bassett and Martin Freeman. Andy Serkis proves that not is he only great at motion capture but also in real acting too. It was good to see Forest Whittaker and Sterling K Brown utilized nicely. And finally, Stan Le. No Marvel movie is complete without this genius.

Favorite Scene: It would be the one where T'Challa comes to know about something in the past and shares his thought with Nakai. Then Nakai says that its upto T'Challa as to what kind of king he wants to be. This scene stuck with me as this showed even though Wakanda was the most advanced technologically but the people using it are humans.

Verdict: Although it may not be the best of MCU, but it still is an enjoyabke and entertaining film for me. I had a great time with this film and yes, if you are wondering, I had to wait till the credits as there are post credit scenes in this film. Can't wait for Infinity War.

I am going with a 9/10.
Panther the new iron man
Well this is what i was waiting for, it's the first marvel movie which i felt was different from other superhero flicks where a person finds that he has super powers and he/she sails to save the world. This movie is entirely different because the prince already has powers and after the death of his father , he prepares to save his entire kingdom and all of the universe. This is by far the best marvel film that i have seen because earlier movies had similar plots but Black Panther was totally new and awesome. I must honestly conclude that even if Iron man dies in infinity war and tony stark leaves marvel studios , the studio will still be having good characters to showcase and i hope there are more movies to come soon.
Black Panther
A part of me does feel like Black Panther is overrated simply because of how hyped it was the year it came out but that doesn't mean I don't absolutely love this film. Ryan Coogler directed the hell out of this film bringing us extremely cool and well shot action sequences and an overall sense of style that we don't see in many superhero films in my opinion. There is some obviously bad CGI stuff throughout this film but for the most part this is a gorgeous film to look at and the world of Wakanda is absolutely stunning. I loved every single character in this movie and Killmonger is one of the best villains of the past decade. The cast is full of talented actors with Michael B Jordan being the stand out his performance is simply phenomenal, Chadwick Boseman was born to play T'Challa and there is something so genuine and powerful about his performance. Andy Serkis is both hilarious and intimidating here and he is a very underrated actor in my opinion. Black Panther is an epic film that is equally entertaining and emotional, it has so much heart and passion put into it its impossible not to admire it. I love this film and May Chadwick Boseman rest in peace.
Wakanda lives upto the hype
This is a SPOILER review of Black Panther, starring Chadwik Boseman, Micheal B. Jordan and Andy Serkis.

Marvel Studios has always confined itself to America, with a majority of its citizens being shown as American Nationals. But this time, it breaks the barrier and travel to Africa, to the highly reclusive nation of Wakanda, with the Black Panther as its King. I really liked the thing that Marvel casted majority of the black cast for this film. I really loved everything about this film. The visuals, themes, casting, action scenes, just everything.

[WARNING] This post has a lot of spoilers, so be aware. If you have'nt watched the film yet, go see it and then read the review.

The plot starts off in 1991, with the king T'Chaka killing his brother N'Jobu, over his act of betrayal with his country as he helped Ulyses Klau to get Vibranium from Wakanda.He did all this because he was in complete opposition with the discrimination done towards the black community. Moreover, he had refused to come with his brother. Years later, when T'Chaka's son T'Challa reigns the throne, he is challanged by his brother N'Jdaka or, you can call him Erik Killmonger for the throne. Later how he fights him forms the rest of the story.

The setting in which the film is set is quite original. The racial discrimination against anyone would have arsoned him, and here N'Jobu's motives are also quite clear. Provide arms to those who are weak. It was really a moving scene where his partner James, who was a Wakandan undercover betrays him, and when T'Chaka stabs his own brother, leaving the boy all alone. The motives behind Killmonger's actions are quite clear and reasonable, and you'll surely conform with his motives. He has his own thoughts on how Wakanda should be ruled, which are in complete contrast to those of T'Challa. It looks like Marvel has come up to reform its villains, rather than portraying them as those who want to end the world. You know, sort of apocalypse thing. They are getting equal weightage as that of titular characters. Killmonger was shown more as of an antagonist, rather than a villain. Ulyses Klau had its share, but I felt he should'nt have been killed. He could proved a menacing face of a villain in the future. All other characters had their share, with was apt in the storyline. This film showed more of Killmonger, rather than T'Chaka.

Hats off to Micheal B. Jordan. He was Magnifique as the antagonist, Erik Killmonger. I think no one else could have done justice to this role, as he was such a complex character. At one time you would agree with him, but at the other , you would hate him. Micheal effectively played his part. The scene where he talks to his father would just move anyone. This is the latest example of the film, where you will love the villain rather than to hate him. If such a thing happens, success is guaranteed. Andy Serkis as the menacing Ulyses Klau was also great, though I really felt that he should have been given more screen time, as he is such a fantastic actor.
Boseman was also good. He did his job well, and I'm happy to see that. Letia Wright as Shuri was also good. She helped relieve the immense tension involved in the story by her great comic timing. Danai Gurira, Daniel Kaluya, Forest Whitaker, Winston Buke, all were great to see to.

Ludwig Gorannson did a splendid job, by creating a soundtrack pure of African Culture. The beats in the score were just lovely to listen to, and it was just like to get immersed in the culture. Kendrick Lamar's
soundtrack album was also great, though not all songs were included in the film. And it was a good decision. Whatever was there was apt to the feel and scene.

Technical aspects:
Visual effects were a delight in this film. Be it the grandeur of Wakanda, or the ambience of the coronation ceremony, all was a delight to see to. The sound editing, mixing, film editing, all the other aspects were handled well.

Since this a spoiler review, I could just praise the film and its efforts. This Marvel Studios was a delight, and IMAX could have been the only way in which one could have really enjoyed this film. Not that I'm saying that normal theatres are waste, but just you could have 'felt' this film. All the cast did a splendid job, and special praises to the director, Ryan Coogler, without whose efforts this film could not have been possible.
MY RATING: 9.5/10
Black Panther is less of a superhero film and more of a political drama. After a long time, we have a well-written villain with some character depth and justifiable motivations. Though justification of revenge on Colonizers should have been avoided. The film doesn't do much in progressing the MCU arch but will sell fine as a superhero origin movie in the current political context. It has direct references to the USA and its president. The film is bold with strong characters, however, it is low on humor(we expect that a lot from a Marvel film) and low on the action too. Not groundbreaking , yet a good film.

Visually Fatastic
The movie out-shows any classic Marvel movie. It is enjoyable even to the non-Marvel community as it has no links to other Marvel character. The movie explores the culture and music of African community. The fight scenes seem real and the movie holds you in place till the end.
One of the best Marvel flicks. the action is fantastic and the cast is perfect.
Saw this in French because Zach accidentally got the wrong tickets