Anish Misra
  • 4/5
A Barfi that must be tasted

Bareilly ki Barfi is a film directed by Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari. The trailer of this film had an instant connection with me. I had been dying to see this film. And finally when I saw it I can say that this film was what I had expected of it.

Plot: Bitti’s life is changed when she reads a novel named ‘Bareilly ki Barfi’.

Story and direction: Loving the director’s previous venture ‘Nil Battey Sannata’, I was quite optimistic of this film. Firstly, I loved Javed Akhtar’s narration. He gives life to this film with his voice. Then the setting of the film. This is the India that every person knows. You have a supportive father and a nagging mother. When we see a girl being something different, we tend to draw conclusions. This film has correctly portrayed the mentality and thinking of the Indian people. The boys, Chirag and Pritam, are both very different from each other. While Chirag is the heartbroken and cool, Pritam is the meek and shy person. All the characters of the film are like they live around you in your neighbourhood. The comedy, although in bits and pieces, doesn’t bore you and keeps a smile on your face. You can see the writers and director’s vision for the film, which never fades or never there is a dilution of that vision. But however, there were certain things that pinched me in the film. After one hour of the film passed, I felt that it kind of stopped for some 25-30 minutes. Nothing was happening in the film.

Performances: Ayushmann Kkhurana once again does it. He proves that if he chooses the right script, he can do wonders. Kriti Sanon for the first time I felt acted. She gave her 100% that clearly reflected on screen. Rajkummar Rao was the little cherry on that icing of the cake. The shift of character that he has from the soft meek person to the rowdy and daring person is phenomenal. Pankaj Tripathi and Seema Pahwa impressed too.

Music: Normally, a film with 5 music directors doesn’t fare that well in terms of music. But every song in this film is good in its own way. I didn’t consider any song bad. Ashwiny Tiwari knows how to incorporate the correct music for the correct mood in the film. ‘Nazm Nazm’ by Arko was my favorite track of the film.

Favorite Scene: It would be the scene where Chirag tells Pritam to put into practice what Chirag taught him. Then he parks his bike on the middle of the road, takes a pan from the shop and tells the other people honking to just chill and not trouble him. The shift in Pritam’s character was so awesome that I could take this scene out from my mind.

Verdict: This film goes on to show that with the right content, cast and crew, a film can work wonders. I hope Ashwiny Tiwari brings us more films like these.

I am going with an 8.5/10.