A much-in-love young couple, Shahana(Angira Dhar) and Pawan(Ali Fazal) decide to get hitched and plan a destination wedding for themselves. They invite their respective parents to give their blessings to them and when their families do arrive, chaos begins and sparks fly in all the wrong directions. Bang Baaja Baraat is a refreshing take on the big fat Indian wedding and the chaos that ensue when two individuals with a diverse upbringing decide to get hitched, much to their parents’ dismay. Confusion, ladai-jhagda , and family drama later they all show up at the holy pyre for the matrimonial ceremony, which the pandit ji agrees to conduct even though they kept him and the mahoorat waiting for the longest time. But right before the pheras , the couple gets up, swears at each other and goes their separate ways.
Hilarious plot twists and great performances by popular faces from the theatre and film fraternity. Bang Baaja Baaraat is a remarkably realistic series, backed by cool and witty writing, hilarious plot twists, and great performances by the actors involved. It talks the contemporary talk, and touches subjects that, in an ideal commercial filmy world, none do. Including pre marital sex and pregnancy, ageism, gender equality, the whole point of marriage, love and friendship, and some such but in the wittiest, most practical way ever. The series has been treated no less than a mainstream feature film in terms of its look and feel.
A great, no-brainer romantic comedy for your late night binge-watching sessions!
This wedding is superrrrr funnn!!!
Story of modern couple from different backgrounds decides to to be in wedlock and celebrate love with family and here drama begins. They say opposites attract but here they create a havoc which will make you laugh like nothing else. Do watch this milan of Kanpuri Chora and Punjabi spoilt brat and the drama which follows when they decides to tie knot! But.......will they be able to tie knot?
it seems like writing a spoof gone wrong. The series is well written and shot. The characters are well defined and the journey is well addressed in just 5 episodes. The concept seems hypothetical but somewhere everyone can relate to.
This love story which is brushed with comedy and drama. The mixture of these two exists in the various twists and turns, which make its way into their relationship. The families of the couple are complete opposites of each other, giving you the feels of a Two States like situation.
This relationship which is a product of a ‘casual date’ and rebound sex for the girl, is often tested during the time when their families come for their marriage and when they are put in various situations. The web-series gets slightly boring in between. But for the most part, it is an interesting take on modern relationships and the coming together of not only two people in love, but their families with two contrasting mindsets, ultimately putting their relationship into question and their compatibility as a couple.

Bang baaja baaraat by YFilms is a story of a crazy wedding. #wedding
It talks of Shahana and Pawan who met in the most weird way possible. When they both decide to get married, they invite their parents to meet each other for the first time. How do they both meet their parents-in-law is a hilarious encounter. #hilarious
Both the families are very different from each other and hardly are ever on the same page. With totally opposite families and crazy relatives, the wedding becomes overwhelming for both of them. #coupleDrama
The hilarious dialogues and acting provides a break from the chaos that this wedding is filled with. #LOLFunny
From getting shocks every single time, to not being on the same page, to having misunderstandings every other time, will Shahana and Pawan get married or break their marriage just a day before the D Day?
Bang on!
I think this is the very first webseries I laid my hands on and instantly got glued. The thing about bang baaja baraat is that the whole concept of the show sounds very Bollywood-y with a young couple deciding to get married and chaos follows when their families get involved. Very been there, done that idea.

The only difference between this show and a bollywood movie and the reason for it to be a hit is its execution. The way the show is written and the amount of boldness and reality that's attached to it is just simply refreshing and relatable. It makes you sit down and admit it, once and for all that Indian women no longer sit under her veil behind her window curtains and watches her groom arriving. Instead, she struts to him, plants a kiss on her territory, grabs him by the collar and drags him to the altar. And sex before marriage isn't just talked about, it's normalised like brushing your teeth.

The problems facing the couple will make you go "we feel you". Modern life, independent people who have no time for fussy traditions and want to take control over their lives is what makes the couple so life like.

This is India. One side of it is ultra rich and modernised and posh. And the other side still believes that all problems can be solved by some Ganga water. And the children from the two sides get stuck questioning their own values and sometimes, their sanity.

With an amazing cast of impeccable actors, Bang Baaja Baraat is about love, responsibilities, values, bonding and bang. Oh, lots and lots of bang.
Loved the comedy packed journey of Pawan and Shahana. Both belong to different backgrounds. Where one comes from a conservative self lock society the other is from a free independent upbringing. Their chemistry is beautifully put up.
The fact that every episode has some cracky suspense will defiantly keep you engrossed to the show. I personally loved watching it.
Pawan & Shahana, 2 people, from entirely opposite family background, in love, "try" to get married.

Pawan belongs to a simple conservative family. His mother, being a typical Indian mother, is a bit too religious & superstitious.

Shahana comes from modern family, having divorced parents, and raised by her mother single-handedly.

The couple decides to get married first, and then both their families meet. This is an irony to the ancient thinking society.

Their love is put to test, with increasing chaos & confusion in the wedding. Each episode ends with a twist and mystery in it which keeps the audience engrossed. The ending plot twist is the surprise element which will make the audience wait for the next season of the series.
4/5 its a must watch series
"BANG BAAJA BAARAT" truely ROM-COM that deals with a young couple who wish to get married even though there are quite a lot of differences between their family. IT discusses the aspect of contemporary
urban relationships right from the couple meeting and explicit bachelorette party to the hilarious Topsy turvy relationship between the parents everything just adds up to enhance the entire series..The cast were well selected and the story holds that crispiness till the end. developes anticipation among the audience. one great thing to learn from it is that how it teaches us to adjust and and accept each other's differences, because that is how a family is built.
Here the boy is from a very simple family where the parents are ancient in their thinking while the girl's family is highly progressive breaking the ancient social norms. inspite of all such differences they decide to come together in nuptial bond. The direction and the script was crisp and the maintained continuity in every episode. what makes it unpredictable is that the series come up with a twist and the audience anticipate on the edge of their seats until the last plot surprise. overall the entire series is very entertaining
Pawan(Ali Fazal) & Shahana (Angira Dhar) are to wed soon & their families have been invited to meet each other for the first time, except unlike any other 'Indian Pre-Marriage Ritual' the parents are only meeting, for the first time, 2~3 days before their marriage.The series cuts off of its original location, of that of the wedding hotel and moves out to show us how the protagonists met & let me not spoil it for you, because their medium of having met is like a mirror pointed in the faces of our generations.
The parents of each of the protagonists are pivotal. Their performances are spellbound(shouting out loud proving that they are experienced actors). Ayehsa Raza & Gajraj Rao play Ali's parents and tell a tale of the small town parents and their set norms and protocols while Rajit Kapoor & Shenaaz Patel play the parents of Angira Dhar and show us what it is like to have a merger via marriage between the small town and metropolitan (via their parents attitudes) folks.
Wedding?! Wedding.
Films like 2 States have shown us that Indian marriages are not 'two person' events. So when the Aroras and Sharmas meet up for their children's wedding, a very enjoyable show like Band Baaja Baaraat happens!
This Y-Films production gives us comedy and drama wrapped up within the merits and flaws of a modern urban relationship.

Pawan Sharma, played by Ali Fazal, has a tough time balancing his more 'traditional' mother's demands and his new life with soon to be wife Shahana Arora, played by Angira Dhar.
The supporting cast does wonders to the show.

Differences in cultures and personalities take a side role when ego and contumacy between the two star-crossed lovers test their relationship.
For everyone out there who likes to watch drama and comedy play out together and has a special thing for wedding dramas, this show is a must watch!
A disastrous wedding story Of two different families. It was damn funny specially the bride's bachelorette party and its cake that was epic i am expecting one more season.

Must watch For The New Generations
Modern Love story
This Series Actually Portrays Today's Generation wedding .
Though Madly In Love Both the bride and The Groom Have Different Approach .
Love marriage Have Always Been An issue in India though here It is an love cum arrange marriage and The parents Have accepted theIr love . The problem arises When families, society, dreams, Ambition's, living standards etc. Comes in between the love .
The ending Is satisfying and content And the best part of the series is we can relate to it.
The comedy part Is Done aprropiately as well.
I think what ends well goes well so it's quite a reality of today's generation so it's a good series to watch and end your day
Must watch especially if you are to be married soon.
The web series portrays the truth that goes behind a love marriage in India, especially when the bride and groom are from different religion, caste and living standards. In the wedding chaos, drama, love triangles and family drama they must explore their feelings for each other.
A well written,hilarious series dealing with Indian marriages and the issues it brings along with it.