Rohon Nag
  • 4.5/5
We are in the Endgame now...


Rarely have I seen such Hype for a film… For Indian audiences, we do have Baahubali 2 The conclusion to compare to… but that was hype after ONE film. Endgame promises to be the conclusion of the Infinity Saga, meaning it is the final chapter for all the previous MCU films till date.

I seriously doubt we will get to see such an event film in our generation again. It’s almost impossible to make a film to follow 21 other films and make it impactful and satisfying.

That is not to say there will be no sequels to past MCU films, heck Spider-man already has its trailer out for Far from Home… but after seeing the film I can confirm, this film is a bookend to the entire MCU.

To prepare for this film, I started watching all 21 of the MCU films since March. Boy did it pay off… there are references to most of the past films.

The film is more or less neatly divided into the classic three-act structure. Introduction, conflict and then resolution.

The first act is a bit slow. It’s not boring or anything but it is not as well paced or as breathless as Infinity War was… the film calls for that. The heroes just lost the Infinity War, they have lost moral and need time to get back on their feet.

Then we have the second act, without spoiling ANYTHING all I can say is the characters we see in the trailer, have really good individual scenes in this part of the film. I was expecting this act to be a lot more entertaining than it really was. Again, it’s not bad but the film doesn’t really get into full steam till its last act.


I cannot wait to write a full spoiler article analyzing this film, but for now, all I can say is that this ending will make you laugh and cry and it made the theater audience scream and shout till they were hoarse and then some more. Let’s just say there was a full 10 mins of people just whooping and shouting.

The acting in this film is stellar. None of the actors feel like they are playing a superhero film. This is literally Oscar worthy performances here. ZERO cheesiness, nothing cringe worthy or over heroic. They feel like real people facing real issues.

There is no point telling how good the action and the music is… these films always get it just about right. However, the third act action scene is a bit more incoherent than Infinity War but it’s again not as random as the last battle scene in Aquaman.

This film along with Infinity War is a worthy two-film story about the Infinity Stones and the war for them.

The conclusion is pretty solid and in a way it’s a bit like return of the king. Multiple times, it feels like the film has ended but then there is another scene after it…

I will write a much longer article about this film… it deserves a long form discussion. Stay tuned for that. For now, the rating…

Rating : 9/10. Though it’s a GREAT film. An amazing companion piece to Infinity War, the film is not the most fast paced or exciting film. That feat still goes to Infinity War. Its pace was relentless and it flowed extremely smoothly.

This is like how Kill Bill was… Part 1 of that film was mostly action, Part 2 had a lot of talking and then some solid action sequences.

Endgame is going to be remembered as the film that was the end of an Era of the MCU.