We are in the Endgame now...

Rarely have I seen such Hype for a film… For Indian audiences, we do have Baahubali 2 The conclusion to compare to… but that was hype after ONE film. Endgame promises to be the conclusion of the Infinity Saga, meaning it is the final chapter for all the previous MCU films till date.

I seriously doubt we will get to see such an event film in our generation again. It’s almost impossible to make a film to follow 21 other films and make it impactful and satisfying.

That is not to say there will be no sequels to past MCU films, heck Spider-man already has its trailer out for Far from Home… but after seeing the film I can confirm, this film is a bookend to the entire MCU.

To prepare for this film, I started watching all 21 of the MCU films since March. Boy did it pay off… there are references to most of the past films.
The film is more or less neatly divided into the classic three-act structure. Introduction, conflict and then resolution.

The first act is a bit slow. It’s not boring or anything but it is not as well paced or as breathless as Infinity War was… the film calls for that. The heroes just lost the Infinity War, they have lost moral and need time to get back on their feet.
Then we have the second act, without spoiling ANYTHING all I can say is the characters we see in the trailer, have really good individual scenes in this part of the film. I was expecting this act to be a lot more entertaining than it really was. Again, it’s not bad but the film doesn’t really get into full steam till its last act.


I cannot wait to write a full spoiler article analyzing this film, but for now, all I can say is that this ending will make you laugh and cry and it made the theater audience scream and shout till they were hoarse and then some more. Let’s just say there was a full 10 mins of people just whooping and shouting.
The acting in this film is stellar. None of the actors feel like they are playing a superhero film. This is literally Oscar worthy performances here. ZERO cheesiness, nothing cringe worthy or over heroic. They feel like real people facing real issues.
There is no point telling how good the action and the music is… these films always get it just about right. However, the third act action scene is a bit more incoherent than Infinity War but it’s again not as random as the last battle scene in Aquaman.

This film along with Infinity War is a worthy two-film story about the Infinity Stones and the war for them.
The conclusion is pretty solid and in a way it’s a bit like return of the king. Multiple times, it feels like the film has ended but then there is another scene after it…

I will write a much longer article about this film… it deserves a long form discussion. Stay tuned for that. For now, the rating…

Rating : 9/10. Though it’s a GREAT film. An amazing companion piece to Infinity War, the film is not the most fast paced or exciting film. That feat still goes to Infinity War. Its pace was relentless and it flowed extremely smoothly.

This is like how Kill Bill was… Part 1 of that film was mostly action, Part 2 had a lot of talking and then some solid action sequences.
Endgame is going to be remembered as the film that was the end of an Era of the MCU.

Best action movie and time stealing was awesome
Bad movie bcoz lron man died still i hope that he may get revive somehow
Absolutely epic on every level and the perfect ending to an 11 year journey. Avengers Endgame has some of the best action scenes in any superhero film and the finale battle might be the best movie scene of the decade. Chris Evans gives his best performance as Captain America to date and Scarlett Johansson shines brighter than ever before as black widow. Avengers Endgame is perfect in almost every way and if you for some stupid reason haven't seen it yet go watch it now.
If "Infinity War" was built as a must-see event for all moviegoers, whether or not they would attend a single marvel movie prior, then "Endgame" is the ultimate fan-service follow-up. It is a more heartening still, the climactic episode, Avengers: Endgame," succeeds at its daunting task: summing up an epic struggle with bedazzling action. There is a lot of heat warming moments that will make you feel the warmth and make you feel emotional. It will have you off the edges of your seats, your eyes glued to the screen, unexpected surprises and moments, and emotional sad events that you don't want to miss. The Avengers does whatever it takes in this epic bold finale that will live on their legacy within our hearts. It is one of the Amazing movies!!! I definitely recommend to watch this with your whole family and friends, you won't regret it.
Endgame is one of the #bestOfAction movies and #bestOfAdventure too. it's a pack of #superhero and every one loves to watch them all together . it has got many #visuallyStunning scenes. it's also #clever as usually from MCU with concept of #timeTravel . Endgame makes audience too #emotional with an sad ending and also because it is the last movie for our super heros iron man and captain america . The greatness of the movie is known to everyone , it has broken many records out there. it is really a fantastic #actionPacked movie of the year .
You might have cried, I know.

When I left the theater after Infinity War, I was shaken as to what had happen. I was astounded.
But when I left the theater after this, I was broken, but satisfied. They did justice to these characters with whom we spent almost a decade.

Avengers Endgame, the 22nd outing from Marvel Cinematic Universe, is a culmination of all the events that have happened until now. The characters, the story-lines, the character arcs, everything- it is a conclusion to the decade long Marvel events.

The plot picks up right where Infinity War left. The snap happened, half of the characters got dusted away, and the world has been broken into pieces. Tony is in spaces, glooming over the loss of his apprentice Peter. He's about to die the next day, until Captain Marvel arrives and rescues him and Nebula, along with the ship. But Tony is sick as hell, and the rest of the team decides to get the stones back from Thanos(who is enjoying his retirement plan). But they are shocked to learn that he reduced the stones to atoms. Thor kills him right away, now going for the head. Five years later, Scott lang escapes from the quantum realm(as seen in Ant Man and the wasp) with the help of the mighty rat(strange), and escapes his Time Heist plan of retrieving the stones from the past, to bring everyone back. And then we have the real action.

I guess it'll be hard for the academy to consider as to whom should they nominate for the Oscars among the six because all six of them-Chris, Robert, Chris(H), Scarlett, Paul and Jeremy nailed their role. The whole focus of the film was on them and they did fab with their job. Apart from them, I liked Paul Rudd. Their was no one else who got attention in the film apart from them, except Alexandra Rabe, Tony Stark's daughter. Although she didn't have that much of scenes, but what she had was really emotional and cute at the same. I really felt sorry for her in the end, seeing her face when the hologram of Tony was played.

Visual Effects:
It's a trademark of every Marvel film. This is not DC's Justice League, where in the process of removing a mustache, you spoil the face. Everything visual frame in this film was supercalifragilisticexpialidocious(tremendous I mean). Right from recreating The battle of New York(2012), to showing the grand entry(Portals) in the end, everything was top-notch. Atleast now they don't deserve a nomination. Goddammit, they deserve an Oscar.

Alan Silvestri again struck the right cord. It perfectly corresponds to the scene. He used themes from many films, and combined them into a single note, which was actually fabulous. Portals always gives me goosebumps, and The Real Hero makes me cry. But The Main Theme energizes me. One just can't get over it, can't they?

What more can I talk about this film? It was perfect from every angle and every dimension. Credits to Russo Brothers for not playing with our hype and giving us their best product. One would surely their favorites. But having lived in this era is an honor. Certainly we learned from our parents-I am your dad, or in Indian context-Tum mujhe chhod ke nahi ja sakte Jai. But now we can tell our next generation that we had the privilege of watching-I AM IRON MAN!

They avenged, didn't they?
# amazing #marvelous #big #beauty #most favorite #comeback # avengers #great one of the most interesting and amazing science fiction movie of our times... You must watch the movie.. Else you are missing a big rock
Emotional ride.Time travel
This is a magnum opus in the marvel movie Family.Each and every actor/actress put their best in the film.The fat Thor look comes as a surprise.This film takes you on an emotional roller coaster ride.It is a must watch film.Get ready to get your senses tuned to this film.
Avengers: Endgame is a film directed by Anthony and Joe Russo. This film was my most anticipated one for this year for a number of reasons. The trailers got me pumped up and increased my anticipation even more. But after walking out of that cinema hall, I felt that the creators did justice to all that was served to us in these past 10 years.

Plot: The Avengers decide to reverse Thanos’ action done during the events of Infitnity War.

Story and direction: As this will be a non-spoiler I shall try to be as generic as possible as tio what I liked and didn’t like about this movie. This film is a conclusion to a long story arc that started in the beginning of this cinematic universe. Yes, the film is three hours long (by far the longest in the MCU, too) but the best thing about the film was that the film never felt that long. And, for that, I would like to give a big salute to the creative minds behind this mega-blockbuster. In each and every minute of the move, you do feel for the characters. There is a sense of human-ism which is quite rare in superhero movies, which I was a big fan of. None of the scenes felt misplaced or unnecessary. I even liked the risks that were taken with characters which too is very rare for a commercial movie. The MCU brand of humour is there in some moments and I just loved them. This film had a proper balance of tension, entertainment and laugher, which is what wants from any kind of movie. Talking about the action scenes. OMG!!! They were huge, awesome and fantastic. Also, the VFX. My God!!! I can imagine the VFX artists had to do to bring so many of these scenes to like. And I salute them in doing that in the most seamless and effortless way. Alan Silvestri has also done a wonderful job on the score. I don’t remember tearing up in any movie, but I surely did in this one. This film had such a profound effect in me. But in saying that, there were some scenes that did feel like plot-holes. Also, with the announcement of so many movies and TV show spin-offs this film still didn’t manage to address so many things. But these, things are any way secondary to me.

Performances: Now if I list each and every cast member and their performances, this review will go on and on. But still, I will do some highlighting. People have been wanting Robert Downey Jr to be nominated Best Actor for the Oscars next year. And I really hope they do because this was the best of Tony Stark in the MCU. Chris Evans as usual is fantastic and I saw a side of him in this film which wasn’t even tapped on in this universe. Chris Hemsworth was the funny man in this film. His scenes just made me laugh. Same can also be said for Paul Rudd. Mark Ruffalo too was just great as the Hulk and Bruce Banner. Scarlet Johannson and Jeremy Renner made me remember what made them so special and unique in this team. Josh Brolin again was fantastic as Thanos. All the rest of the cast members too were just great and commendable.

Favorite Scene: This is where I am out of words. But I will say it anyway without giving away anything. I will say it will be the one during the final hour of the movie where you will feel that are heroes have nothing to do. But then there comes a ray of hope and you feel that victory will surely touch our heroes’ feet.
Verdict: Is this film perfect? No, absolutely not. Does this film satisfy the MCU fan? Hell yes, it absolutely does. This film just made me realise why I love movies and why my love increases every day. Its exactly for films like these that I live for. Do watch the film in 3D (IMAX, if possible) for the best experience and I am sure you will have a smile on that face yours feeling a sense of completion and happiness. If the MCU has more films up in its kitty, bring them on because I seriously would like to see what more can they give. Yup, and for the first time ever: NO POST CREDITS. So don’t need to wait till the end waiting for some random scene to show up.

I am going with an 8.5/10.
Well lets start by saying that a movie serving as conclusion for 21 movie and doesn't disappoint, it's already job well done. Its grand gesture and build up over the years is something which makes it unique and hard to compare with anything else.
Although as an individual movie, I liked it but not crazy about it. On side note, the jokes/humor felt slightly desperate and not so funny.
Anonymous User rated Avengers: Endgame
Anonymous User rated Avengers: Endgame
One of the best Movies EVER! A treat to the Avenger Fans and a blessing to the critics!