I don’t like to give undue importance to movies. But in future, when we look back, there will be a time in movies which will be…

BEFORE Infinity War

And, AFTER Infinity War…

What this film has done, will change the film industry in some way. Same as with 2012’s Avengers, Marvel has somehow pulled out something so game changing that it will leave everyone else (DC) in the dust for at-least a decade…

Now, let’s get to the film itself…

The plot of the film is simple, (NO Spoilers)
Thanos is on the warpath to gather the Infinity Stones and there is no stopping him.

This movie started out VERY strong, like one of the best opening I have seen on cinema yet… The hall was totally house full, the audience cheering at the appearance of every hero and hooting at the cool moments.
The thrill of seeing every Marvel character come together in some way or the other, the crossing of spider-man’s everyday existence into Strange’s mystical one… what a rush… the aforementioned audience went totally bonkers at some of the more elaborate action scenes.
The Direction is top class, the way the action is framed is genius. Every fight is different, nothing feels repetitive. That’s a huge challenge in a film which has 90% of the fighting being hand to hand and somehow maintaining a thrill in every action scene.

Visually lets just say that this film needs to be seen in Imax with the loudest sound possible.
Now the standouts in the film, character wise.
Thor knocks it out of the ball park, his scenes with Rocket Racoon are some of the best in the MCU, we SO need a Thor + Racoon Road trip film!

Iron man is consistent and good, without ever chewing up scenery like he used to, that is left to the newer members of the Avengers, namely Dr Strange, the Guardians etc.
The most standout performance is that of Thanos himself. He presents himself as the best villain in MCU and generally, for cinema he comes across as a pretty well round, complicated Villain with a self-righteous agenda, which somehow makes sense despite how horrible it is!
Thanos chews up the film and spits it out like the most intergalactic bad-ass in history. He has been teased since 2012 and I had not expected him to pay off the way he did. He is no two dimentional Ronan the accuser of those forgettable Dark elf under Malakieth… Thanos is the best MCU villain till date. He makes Loki look like a child with a lollipop on the villain scale…

Now coming to the movie overall…

This film is NOT for new fans who haven’t seen any past MCU films. This film is specifically meant for Marvel Fans who have seen every single film in the MCU. To them this film is the culmination of 10 years of cinema and 18 films.

And, what a culmination… this films ending will make history. It’s not just shocking, controversial and debatable, it’s downright the most balsy move by any film company till date. The pay off for the next few films will be huge!

The scale of this film, the high the directors have taken it into, makes most other big budget blockbusters seem puny and tiny by comparison. Star wars episode 8 and 9 ? Seems like candy floss now… DC’s Justice League ? Kids playing with stones.

Not to put down other films, but Infinity War is an achievement in not just screenplay, visual fx, acting and plot. It’s an achievement of showing what cinema can do…

Its not just a film, it’s a change coming to the form of films that can exist in the future…

If you remotely like Marvel and its super heroes, this film is not miss able by any chance.

Rating : Can I rate it ABOVE 10? I want to… But since 10 is the maximum… This film gets a 10/10 for me.

Conclusion : The humour in this otherwise deadly serious film is also a standout, this is one of the few films which can throw a joke in while an whole planet is in peril and somehow it works. It has too many characters to make sense, but the screenplay DOES make sense of it, the viewer is never left wondering what is going on and who are we seeing. This film needs more than a one time watch.
And in the end I just want to say, I wasn’t around in 1977 when ‘star wars’ released and changed cinema. I wasn’t old enough when in 1994 ‘Jurassic Park’ changed VFX… I caught 1999’s ‘the Matrix’ much too late on VCD…
But I am right here, when Infinity War is happening. It’s exciting to witness such an event live and happening and developing right in front of us all… so what are you waiting for? If you haven’t already booked your tickets, do so now…

P.S: the Post Credits scene is important, you will want to wait for it.

I doubt that would be random. They could have saved anyone else, Black Panther just made $1.2 billions, and Scarlet Witch is yet to be unleashed...Saving the Founding members was expected...but there has to be some cool reason for rocket to survive out of all Phase 2/3 .
Piyush Arya
@manish.pandey Just a wild guess - To use time stone, Dr Strange might have to disable spell around it and it would have been vulnerable. He traded time stone because there was only one possible future out of ~ 14,000,000 and Tony Stark might play a crucial role into it.
It very hard to think of this movie in term of good/bad or Marvel's best or not. The movie is more like a world-wide event. House full for weekends...so many Marvel tees in the theater. It is definitely a must watch although a different audience might have a different reaction to the movie as this one breaks a few standard patterns of MCU and addressed few consistent problems (yes i am talking about the villian).
You might leave the theater unsatisfied as this is one the darkest movie of MCU but irrespective go for the movie in IMAX for the epic crossover.
Unfathomable scale
The movie was full with action scenes finely blended with subtle humour
The best scene was when bruce banner try to become hulk but iron man takes over 😂😂
Part 1 of this most ambitious movie and also, larger than life to attempt to depict a heist showing an ever supreme antagonist climb his way to d summit of world domination n annihilation succeeds not only as a visual spectacle but also has a satisfying emotional quotient to it.
The expectations were magnanimous & so were the stakes, but hats off to Russos' in ticking almost every box possible with a healthy mix of humor and sentiment, a terrifically good number of breathtaking action sequences, some quirky one liners, smartly splitting the cast to give adequate screen time for most to shine, backed with some impeccable editing makes sure dat even at nearly 3 hour length, it's not a bumpy ride, not even once!
It's particularly interesting to see the CGI character (Thanos) being portrayed as powerful yet flawed, savage yet merciful, determined yet emotionally drained, which is quite refreshing compared to other recent CGI villains who were utterly forgettable,
The climax is a bit unusual, but dat was d whole point I guess to pave way for part 2 to dictate terms,
Yes, it does feel a bit rushed in places. But d task was huge n I guess it's b best Dey could do when you have 18 movies n over 50+ characters to justify,
Another year. Cannot wait!
Epic conclusion you can't afford to miss.
Over the decades, Marvel Studios has gone a long way far, starting from Iron Man(2008) and has arrived at its 19th production, Avengers:Infinity War. This film stars its main iconic characters, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, Hulk and many more, with the addition of the badass villain, Thanos, who has now finally come into limelight after having being appeared briefly in previous Marvel films. The basic plot deals with the quest of Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy to stop Thanos from acquiring all the six infinity stones and destroying the universe.
Apart from this, it has has a lot of other sub-plots and a lot of twists which subsequently add to the masala of the film. Now , let us have a word on the performances. Josh Brolin as Thanos is truly engaging and he also has the longest screen time in the film. Looks like Marvel is moving forward to give its villain much more prominence than what it has given until now. Every moment Thanos comes on-screen, he steals the show. Josh Brolin has perfectly depicted his persona by potraying Thanos by his motion capture performance. [SPOILER] The scene where Thanos has to sacrifice his daughter, Gamora , gives Thanos an arc to his character and Josh Brolin, an Academy Award Nomination. LOL. Other actors are also good. Zoe Saldana as Gamora has second most screen time after Thanos, and her importance is also equally important in the storyline, which has been perfectly shown and equally well performed. Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth , all have their time and they do well.
Now, coming on the Vfx and Background scores. The visual effects rendered in the film are just MIND-BLOWING, be it the motion capture animation ,or the battle scenes, its just amazing. The background score has been handled by Alan Silvestri and fits well to the scene.
Every aspect of the film has been well managed, and I would recommend to watch it for fun. But if you're a Marvel fan, you just can't resist it.
My rating : 9/10.
The film ends in a cliffhanger, and you'll be extremely excited for its sequel, which arrives almost an half an year later , from now. #superhero #actionpacked #visuallyStunning #comicBased
If you haven't watched this movie yet, the only excuse you're allowed to have is that you don't watch movies from the Marvel Cinematic universe, and hence won't understand this movie. This is true, but why aren't you watching movies from this majestic mind-blowing universe?
This movie is just grand. Following the events of Civil War, all our heroes appear in one grand movie to fight against the mighty Thanos, who plans on taking over the universe using the infinity stones, and conducts a scavenger hunt for the stones across planets. And let me tell you, Thanos certainly wins the 'Best Villain Ever' award. It's a sin to give out spoilers for this movie, so I'll let you agree with me yourself on watching the end of this movie.
It's an absolute delight to watch all the superheroes across different movies gang up with each other, especially the pairing of Iron Man and Doctor Strange, with Spider-Man and Star Lord tagging along. You keep getting rushes of excitement every time a new character is spoken about, or shows the others what their powers are, and you almost feel proud.
This movie gets and A+ in action, direction, visual effects, acting, and A+++++ in dialogues. Every single line is so quirky and funny and smart, you'll find yourself watching this movie again and again to keep discovering new things.
I know of many people who cried at the end of this movie. Not because the end is OH MY GOD, although it totally is, but because they need mopre of it right now, but have to wait for May'19 for part two.
Masses all over the world were getting ready for the latest installment of Avengers which was termed as the biggest crossover in the film industry. To me this was the biggest letdown in the movie industry. A huge inconsistent movie in its tone and logic. A villain whose plan and a dozen of heroes whose actions didn't make any sense came together to make a blockbuster movie without any sense. Thanos who looks like a pro wrestlers wet dream cooked up a plan which involved killing half of universe. It didn't make any sense as it would be a matter of time before the 3.5 billion humans still present would go back to 7 or 14 billion again. If humans could do it then what about other species who could multiply faster. Wouldn't they repopulate faster. Time and again Thanos would have to snap his fingers and time and again Avengers would have to fight him. Why was Iron Man so strong while the magician Dr. Strange so weak and could barely hold up against lackeys. Why didn't Strange do the bargaining trick on Thanos. If the only plan to succeed was to hand him the time stone then why fight Thanos and why would the time stone go to Thanos only due to mistake of Star Lord. The movie worked without logic and so did the villain. A product of bad direction where the directors thought audience would buy any shit then showed.
A Satisfying MCU Film
Avengers Infinity War is a film directed by the Russo Brothers. This film was my most anticipated film for this year and I can definitely say the same for every MCU fan out there. I viewed the film very late and knew how much I had to wait. But the wait was worth it.

Plot: The Avengers team up with the Guardians of the Galaxy to stop Thanos from obtaining the 6 Infinity Stones.

Story and Direction: The Russo Brothers and the writers had a huge and daunting task of bringing all of the characters that we loved for all these years into one big movie. And I can just say that they did an excellent job. Never for a moment do you feel that the characters were not given space and time to do what they wanted. The character work for this film is just flawless and I think Thanos was just the best villain MCU ever had. Although he is strong and kind of undefeatable, he has emotions which provided a lot of weight to his character. The film is has a much darker tone compared to other MCU films. The stakes in this film are very real and never there is rest for the mind. You do feel the tension lingering around and feel for the safety of your characters. But the film does retain that Marvel brand of humour in places. And all of the jokes are very funny and do provide relief. Given the film was shot on IMAX cameras, the visuals are just awesome. I had goosebumps just looking at how beautiful this film looked. Also the action scenes were awesome. And the VFX was just jaw dropping. Action scenes were just awesome. Although there were some shaky cam scenes, but they were just perfectly handled. The score by Alan Silvestri was quiet good and complemented the scenes very well. Also the film doesn’t end in a very peculiar way. It takes a very different route, which was very well appreciated. I did have one little issue but here I am being quite nit-picky. Some scenes in the trailers didn’t make it to the film which was disappointing and also the Thor storyline didn’t feel much important to the film.

Performances: The Avengers and The Guardians were just awesome with Thor being my favorite character in the entire film. His presence and his comic timing were just awesome. Idris Elba and Tom Hiddleston too deliver good performances. Josh Brolin was just excellent as Thanos. Every time you watch him on screen you do feel that he was just the correct choice. Also the Black Order was nice to watch. And finally, Peter Dinklage. He also delivered an earnest performance for his role.

Favorite Scene; It would be Thor’s scene with the Guardians. That scene lightened the mopd for a bit and also gave that kind of entertainment you expect out of these characters.

Verdict: This film satisfied the Marvel fan in me. I walked out of this film with a lot of questions about what will happen next and I can’t just wait for the next instalment arriving next year.
I am going with a 9/10.
Take your time to digest the movie
The best crossover you can experience. At the end of the movie, I had a feeling of unsatisfaction but took me some time to comprehend the beauty of the movie
Retirement Goals:
I have always been obsessed with the opinion that creating an impactful villain is tougher than creating an impactful hero. Barring two, Marvel has been infamous for creating one-dimensional villains lacking a concrete motivation or sense of purpose, and the only reason they ever existed was to declare their Evil plans of world dominance by first destroying it and then conveniently be disposed of in the climax.

Thanos is different, and that is what works for the movie. All he desires to complete his long-awaited job and then retire to a mountain and watch the beautiful Sun.

The film starts in 5th gear and never takes a moment to pause. Yes, the film is crowded but most have got their fair share of screen space. It is obvious that Russo brothers are a fan of Thor as he gets the most awesome scenes, while Banner/Hulk are relegated to comic relief. Tony Stark is doing what he does up best while Steve Rogers also gets some audience cheers.

The high point, as expected, was the FAN Moments that everyone around internet was craving for, as if Marvel really browsed through 9gag to write these skirmishes: Doctor Strange(Wizard Sherlock) interaction with Tony Stark(Sci-fi Sherlock) or be it Quill(self-proclaimed Cool captain) vs Thor(a 1500 year old price with attitude) and others....Even several characters were force fit, just in order to get some meme milage such as Peter Dinklage and The Soul Stone Keeper.
Even Nick Fury has got the most Sam L Jackson Line eva!!!

Though there were some plot loopholes, such as Doctor Strange not putting use to Time stone when he could easily have, and Iron Man conjuring metal out of thin air, let it pass off, the movie is a must watch.

Maybe in the next one, we get to see Rocket vs Tony! or Loki & Clint joining the team along with the one new friend !
9gag will explode with memes after this one!
Watch in IMAX 3D
how can you save the world when the Avengers have broken up their teams. In the vague of saving the world together, Avengers has lost some prominent super heros and has left behind a hint now what? now how? After years of wait infinity war is out. A must watch to discover the battle of marvel super heros.
Absolutely loved it.
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