Airlift Review

Rohon Nag
  • 3/5
Crashes on Takeoff ! Unfulfilled Promise of a Good Film

There are some movies with good script, good dialog, great story and a lot of potential and promise. This could have been that movie, it did have very intriguing premise and a compelling story. But other than that, nothing in the film lives up to its promise.

The entire film falls flat on its face and doesn’t revive post interval.

Direction : Total and abject failure of direction. This is just badly directed.

1. The boys playing Iraqi soldiers don’t have the body language or the attitude to pull their role off. They don’t have the menace that is seen in soldiers in ARGO or Syrania or even closer to home Baby.

Acting :

2. The actors all suffer from lack of direction and this film has a lot of good, well known actors.

3. Everything is left to akshay kumar and he shoulders his burden as much as possible.


4. The background score is non existent.

5. the Songs in between spoil the mood totally.

Story :

6.The movie is called airlift and the portion about this operation lasts 30 seconds. That’s it! Its an missed opportunity to highlight the efforts of government officials and the bravery of the pilot, they are shown in few scenes and always as... reluctant & lazy or even rude.

7. Entire unneeded sections of the movie waste time, which could have seen our government’s civil servants taking the action, air crafts preparing, fueling, pilots in briefing, the cockpit chatter. All of this is not present in a movie called airlift.

Summary :

Anyday, this is better than Kya Kool Hai Hum 3 and Mastizaade. ANYDAY !

Kudos to Mr. Kumar for being in such a film. I am just disappointed at how good this should have been, rather it is a mediocre soulless film with a great premise.

I would recommend watching this on TV or DVD or Netflix (torrent)

Rating : 5.5/10

kritarth sharma
Though going for the movie tomorrow but your review match my expectations after watching the trailer. The trailer is fast forward version of the whole movie, so execution is the only thing left to creators for which I don't trust them.
Rohon Nag
Well, the trailer showed only the good parts of the film, kudos to the trailer makers... but the film is very weakly executed!