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Airlift (2016)

Crashes on Takeoff ! Unfulfilled Promise of a Good Film
There are some movies with good script, good dialog, great story and a lot of potential and promise. This could have been that movie, it did have very intriguing premise and a compelling story. But other than that, nothing in the film lives up to its promise.
The entire film falls flat on its face and doesn’t revive post interval.

Direction : Total and abject failure of direction. This is just badly directed.
1. The boys playing Iraqi soldiers don’t have the body language or the attitude to pull their role off. They don’t have the menace that is seen in soldiers in ARGO or Syrania or even closer to home Baby.

Acting :
2. The actors all suffer from lack of direction and this film has a lot of good, well known actors.
3. Everything is left to akshay kumar and he shoulders his burden as much as possible.

4. The background score is non existent.
5. the Songs in between spoil the mood totally.

Story :
6.The movie is called airlift and the portion about this operation lasts 30 seconds. That’s it! Its an missed opportunity to highlight the efforts of government officials and the bravery of the pilot, they are shown in few scenes and always as... reluctant & lazy or even rude.
7. Entire unneeded sections of the movie waste time, which could have seen our government’s civil servants taking the action, air crafts preparing, fueling, pilots in briefing, the cockpit chatter. All of this is not present in a movie called airlift.

Summary :
Anyday, this is better than Kya Kool Hai Hum 3 and Mastizaade. ANYDAY !
Kudos to Mr. Kumar for being in such a film. I am just disappointed at how good this should have been, rather it is a mediocre soulless film with a great premise.
I would recommend watching this on TV or DVD or Netflix (torrent)
Rating : 5.5/10
kritarth sharma
Though going for the movie tomorrow but your review match my expectations after watching the trailer. The trailer is fast forward version of the whole movie, so execution is the only thing left to creators for which I don't trust them.
Rohon Nag
Well, the trailer showed only the good parts of the film, kudos to the trailer makers... but the film is very weakly executed!
Must Watch!
As this year has been started well with Wazir, the good work of Bollywood is on the road with increasing the speed and performance. Yes, I'm talking about Akshay Kumar starrer Airlift, directed by Raja Krishna Menon, and which is based on true events!
Film starts in Kuwait. Rajiv Katyal (Akki) has been reached on the top level in business with his ability. He refers himself as a Kuwait citizen. But when the government leaves their citizens when Iraq attacks on Kuwait under the order of Saddam Hussain, the people becomes needless. Rajiv now feels that he is an Indian, and so along with other 1,70,000 people who are actually Indians but lives in Kuwait, he starts the mission to run from Kuwait as soon as possible. His tries, his communication to India for the help, and the officer's help from India - These things you can find out in this movie.
Some factors, like emotions of love for the family, for the nation, for the coworkers and their relatives, for the people who are only belongs to the same nation, have been described very well. Many moments where we can feel patriotism. Raja has directed a superb film.
Akshay has given a stunning performance as usual. I was comparing Baby film with this, but both are different. But if you ask for just one movie, than I'll go with this one. Nimrat Kaur is my favorite since The Lunchbox and Dairy Milk commercials. She has delivered a fine supportive job. She shines as a wife of a rich businessman and a caring mother. Kumud Mishra fits absolutely in the character of a government officer. Poorab Kohli has a small role. Supportive cast are fine, too.
De Di and Soch Na Sake are very small songs. Perfectly situated. Tu Bhula Jise is the song to remember. Background score suits to the film.
Dialogues are good. Nimrat's 3/4 minuets long conversation with a unsatisfied man of the camp who always complains, is a must!
Cinematography is good. Some scenes give are shaky, those could have been shoot better. Editing is fine.
Indian flag has been waved by an airport staff of Jordan and Akki is watching that, while Tu Bhula Jise song is playing - the scene has been brought so many whistles and shouts. And than one more, in which Air India plane is taking off, while Akki is watching that and in background Vande Mataram is playing - a truly emotional scene! It will surely gives you goosebumps!
Overall, a must watch movie for every Indians, to know the largest human evacuation. Salute to all the real heroes! Jai Hind!
Super Hit
My take is a goosebumping 4.6 star ?? ??.6 . YOU WILL NOT RETURN BACK WITHOUT CLAPPING AT THE CLIMAX (y) (y) ..ITS MY YO! GURANTEE :) ...A must watch for every INDIAN,it takes u on a power packed and adrenalin pumping ?? journey of 1 Brave heart ? and smart mind which changes lakhs of minds ,unites everyone , kills every difference and celebrates the spirit of PATRIOTISM (y) like never ever before. :) So what are you waiting for unite with your friends and experience the touching, powerful and one the proud mission of INDIA to be remembered and respected. POOORA PAISA VASOOL MOVIE WORTH EVERY PENNY YOU PAY... It connects you and your emotions and lots of lots of respect to hour country.
The story and the plot go perfectly in sync delivering you punches
Must watch
I guess my hashtags says it all! First on the movie side...its a well researched story with amazing direction. Akshay Kumar is brilliant in the role. Nimrat Kaur extremely convicing as a trophy wife of rich businessman whom she loves a lot. Other characters are also well thought off and very well carved out of writers imagination. Songs are good. Patriotic to the core, this movie is a must watch!
Parv Kaur reviewed Airlift
This movie is based on the #trueStory of the people who saved their fellow 1,70,000 Indians from Kuwait. Its an #intense and #mindBlowing potrayal of the events of the war when Iraq's Saddam Hussain tried to capture Kuwait. In this movie Akshay Kumar plays the role of Ranjit Katyal, fictional composite of several businessmen who were working in Kuwait. I can surely say that Akshay Kumar brings the fictional character of Ranjit Katiyal alive on the silver screen and you too would feel so after watching this film. Nimrat Kaur who plays the role of Amrita Katyal (the wife of Ranjit Katyal). Though not a very huge role yet she plays she is fully honest with her character. This movie though starts off #slowPaced turns out to be #beautiful and the ending is really amazing and patriotic.
So based on a true event , the story is of a business man who is an Indian but lives in Kuwait with his family. The best thing about the movie is its actors who have played the condition of struggle so well… that we get goosebumps during the climax scenes . The songs of the movie have been a big hit . The movie revolves around the character named Ranjit Katiyal and his family . In 1990 , Iraq under the leadership of Saddam Hussein invades Kuwait for some political and business reasons . Ranjit tries to escape and flee the situation but then realizes how he will leave these people behind if he leaves without taking the responsibility of them and hence all the Indians in Kuwait struggle together against the odds they are facing . And finally their struggle outcomes in their safe returns by the greatest evacuation process any country has ever processed named on which Airlift name is based . As the movie proceeds it goes on being better and better . Goosebumps are guaranteed in the end !
DilseBen reviewed Airlift
"Lifts the spirit among the audience!!!"
In all probability, the film should rack in pretty good numbers as the word of mouth will definitely work in its favour. But knowing the general response of the Bollywood audience, it wont make as much noise at the box office as the mindless masala movies. Anywaz it truly deserves eyeballs & I would suggest that all of you guys to definitely check it out!!!
GREAT MOVIE. A MUST WATCH FOR ALL INDIANS, the film shows humanity is prior no matter what the situation be. moreover songs are very nice
One of the Akshay's best
It is creditable when real-life stories are turned into movies so beautifully. Akshay has given one of his best performance in this movie. This movie is sure to arouse the #proud #Indian feeling.
Shilpi Soni reviewed Airlift
the story of real hero.
I think the movie was very exceptional. Such people exist and this movie is the proof. one man saving so many lives putting himself in risk. A very big salute to the real hero who saved so many people from those 59 terror days. Akshay's acting amazing. Must watch movie. Hats off.
I think Sir.Akshay kumar has done a good job in bringing #patriotism to the Indian citizens by releasing such a true story and the problems faced by Indians in abroad countries.. #mustWatch movie at least once in any Indian citizens life time.. #hilarious in few content
Sunny Gupta reviewed Airlift
Some stories should be told. AIRLIFT sheds light on the evacuation of Indians in Kuwait after the invasion by Iraq . It's a thrilling story. Akshay kumar's acting Awesome. It is a must watch movie.
Ankit reviewed Airlift
this movie is really #beautiful and #inspiring which actually make every indian pride that we indians can do it whatever it take to do for there country people basically it inspires to do so and keeps a best example of mankind in front of world .
Anonymous User rated Airlift
Akshay Kumar is back with yet another movie but this time his movie has impressed everyone. #thoughtProvoking #bestOfThriller This movie makes your country love even more. Brilliant and mature performance by Akshay as Ranjit Katyal and Nimrat Kaur as Amrita Katyal
Akshay has delivered of doing an alternate sensible film formula, the film may not be Argo of Bollywood but definitely a great start to 2016.