A Private War Review

  • 4/5
[contains spoilers]

The real-life story of Marie Colvin (Rosamund Pike) who sacrificed her personal life and put herself at risk to become one of the most celebrated war correspondents of our time.

In this biographical drama, ‘A Private War’ has the mammoth task of portraying the gruesome realities of battle while showcasing the difficulties of coming back to a life of comfort. As a foreign correspondent, Marie Colvin pushed the boundaries of war journalism to bring hard-hitting stories of human suffering from the depths of war-torn areas. She also suffered from PTSD, and constantly struggled to maintain her relationships while abandoning any hope of having a family of her own. Her friends and colleagues tried to understand what drove her to go back to the field. But as the title implies, she was so harrowed by human suffering that she felt compelled to tell the individual stories of those affected by war. This came at a massive personal cost – as ironic as it sounds, Marie could not find peace outside of a combat zone.