102 Not Out Review

Maulin Parmar
  • 4/5
Fun. Emotion. Drama. Paisa Wasool. Life Lesson. Two Legends in one frame. Yo!

102NotOut : An unusual story of father and son- is adopted from the successful Gujarati play by the same name, written and directed by Saumya Joshi. Amitabh Bachchan as 102 years old man and Rishi Kapoor as 75 years old man are in the lead, & the film is directed by Umesh Shukla.

Dattatraya Vakhariya wants to break the record of a Chinese man who lived 118 years. He gives two options to his son Babulal Vakhariya to either leave his home and live in an old age home or to change himself into a happy and delightful person by agreeing to his terms! And the film takes its pace after one by another challenges which are given to Babulal.

It is a blessing to watch both the legends on the same screen! They are back after 27 years! Amitabh Bachchan plays his role brilliantly. And I know, you are bored of reading this line in every film of his! Rishi Kapoor gives one of the best performances of his career. The pair of these two is fabulous. One more actor is there to entertain you- Jimit Trivedi. Every Gujarati movie lover knows him well because of Gujjubhai Movies. He plays a character of Dhiru with great conviction. His wit is quite enough for audiences to laugh out loud. Especially, the scene of him describing Bamboo trees!

Post interval, many scenes are full of emotion. I have seen the play three times. Each time I've enjoyed it a lot. Despite the fact that I knew what's going to happen next, I cried a lot in post interval! And that is unbelievable...! This can only happen if actors are creating some magic. Even I can also say that the script is also well developed, that every time you can feel the emotion. Now, it is clear on my mind that I love cinema more than theatre, so for me Today is the realization day! Thanks to 102 not out. And special thanks to the background music team, for providing suitable environment.

Just two songs are there- Kulfi & Bachche Ki Jaan, which are suitable to the flow. The usage of old Hindi movie songs are fantastic. Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana and Waqt Ne Kiya Haseen Sitam are still fresh. Like it is shown in film, just try these songs on speaker in night to feel the magic. I can give you my guarantee that if you do it once, you'll do it more often.

Umesh K Shukla has done a good job. Pulling of a script based on a play and that too on such a high level is not an easy task. Editing is crisp. Usage of cartoons are commendable. Set design is as per the script. Costumes are well and good. The Happy Street scene at the end is fantastic. I feel that there are some scenes where characters are happy and celebrating, but as an audience, we get tears in eyes. This scene is one of them! I can not explain in words that how was I feeling at the time when Bachchan and Kapoor were dancing in the rain. Uff...

'Aulaad Agar Nalayak Nikale, To Usey Bhool Jana Chahiye... Sirf Unka Bachpan Yaad Rakhna Chahiye!' - There are many well written dialogues in the film by Saumya Joshi. The love letter scene is too good! As well as the church scene. I must say here that Rishi Kapoor has delivered a very strong performance.

Word of mouth will become this Amitabh-Rishi starrer film's main weapon to destroy Thanos and it'll run successfully at Box Office. Gujaratis do watchout this film for its Gujarati elements. You will never regret of giving your 102 minutes to this wonderful movie- 102 not out. So, go for it guys, learn to live life thoroughly... Yo!