Casey Affleck plays a janitor who has to return to his hometown when his brother (Kyle Chandler) suddenly dies of a heart attack. He's named guardian for his teenage nephew, and you come to understand through flashbacks why he is so reluctant to assume that role. Michelle Williams plays his ex-wife, in a fantastic supporting role. Lucas Hedges is the 16 year old nephew, and he is amazing. This is a break out role for this young actor.

But Casey Affleck's melancholy superb acting had me sobbing, not just tears down my face but holding my hand over my mouth to keep quiet in the theater sobbing. This is a masterful movie about real people and their grief.
Casey Affleck's Oscar is well-deserved. He portrays a still-young man out of hope, past redemption and self-forgiveness. A must watch drama #2016 #mesmerising #tragic #award-winning-performance
Sea of Depression !
Post Oscars Movie Review :
Manchester By The Sea Movie Review :

This movie is about an uncle and his nephew coming to terms with the death of a loved one and the new reality facing them.
This movie is a slow burn drama and although there is nothing wrong with that, somehow the movie meanders it way through the script before finally coming to a meandering and ultimately unfulfilling ending.

The performance of Casey Affleck won him an Oscar and good as his performance is, it’s obvious why this role was written for Matt Damon. He would have been PERFECT in the role, but Casey is the one who got the benefit of the role. His sullen act of a depressed and introverted man is flawless but it is not compelling.
This movie is performance driven and rests on the way the acting is done, the rest of the film, the cinematography, the editing, the story itself are a bit lack lustre and not much happens overall.

So what this film only if you like slow movies which are a bit depressive and ultimately don’t really drive home a point or leave the viewer thinking.

Rating: My Rating of this film would be a 6/10. It’s not unwatchable or overly pretentious, but it’s no masterpiece either.

P.S : the scene featured on the poster is the ONLY scene this actress has any acting in it, her role is basically just this 1 scene and she got an oscar nomination for it! what the heck!
What do you think is the reason behind Casey Affleck winning so many Best Actor awards? All he did was sleep walking the film
From Kenneth Lonergan, the man behind Gangs of New York , Analyze This and Margaret , comes the amazing drama which has won over critics around the globe. Starring Casey Affleck, Michelle Monaghan and Kyle Chandler, here is Manchester by the Sea . #trailer
Manchester by the Sea Official Trailer 1 (2016) - Casey Affleck Movie