• Air date: 06 Dec '13 22 episodes
      Here we have a look into the life of a teenage girl along with her single father. The two share a close relationship. Rose is coming of age, coming out of the closet, and hoping to avoid having a spotlight put on her life. Her dad, Nathan, is struggling to help. Maybe he’s even pushing her out?
  • List of Episodes (22)
    • 1. Starting Out

      06 Dec '13
      New beginnings for Rose & Nathan as they are finished moving into a new place, and Rose receives a meaningful new present from dad. Later, Claire invites her to dinner. Now she just has to figure out one thing: Is this a date?
    • 2. Dining In & Out

      07 Dec '13
      All families are strange in their own way. Now, it’s time for Rose to meet Claire’s. Meanwhile, Angela has been understanding until now with Nathan’s dating failures but how will she deal with his latest, most serious, misstep? Both Rose and Nathan explore the challenges of dating in “Dining In & Out”
    • 3. Storming In & Out

      08 Dec '13
      Picking up right when we left off in "Dining In & Out", is "Storming In & Out". Rose and Claire's evening has turned out to be a bit more dramatic than they bargained for. Surprisingly for Rose, the drama doesn't stop when she gets home.
    • 4. Swashbuckling Adventures of Making Out

      09 Dec '13
      Rose and Claire decide to escape the messy real world by going to the movies. Nothing says escape like the swashbuckling adventures of Pete Winning and the Pirates.
    • 5. Outed

      10 Dec '13
      Days since the events of the previous episodes, and something is different at school... soon Rose is mortified to discover she has become suddenly famous. But it's Vanessa's life that is really falling apart. No best friend, no girlfriend and parents who refuse to let her be herself.
    • 6. Out with (Song and) Dance

      11 Dec '13
      Your mid-season finale is our proudest achievement. It's Out With Dad as you've never seen it before. Rose may be down but Claire has a cure for that.
    • 7. Vanessa Alone

      11 Mar '14
      When we last saw Vanessa, all the colour in her life has drained away and she chose to leave home. She hits the streets without a plan. Toronto is a big place, a place big enough to disappear, and be alone – if that’s what she chooses.
    • 8. Catching up with Dad

      13 Mar '14
      Rose and Dad are catching up while play catch on Toronto’s Centre Island. While dropping ball on some secrets, the biggest shock comes to them when they get home and someone is waiting for them.
    • 9. Vanessa Lost

      18 Mar '14
      Despite having found a place to take refuge, Vanessa is still very lost. She’s scared, and the people she encounters aren’t making her situation any better. Meanwhile, her parents are feeling lost too – doing all they can to find her, despite the pain it causes.
    • 10. Going Out

      20 Mar '14
      It's an emotional time for Rose, as she struggles to make sense of her mixed feelings of worry for Vanessa and growing closeness with Claire. Yet even with turmoil, life goes on and we find the light amongst the darkness... and even laughter.
    • 11. Double-Date with Dad

      25 Mar '14
      We pick up right where we left off... Rose is about to meet Angela! This is a big (and weird) moment for her. Rose first learned about Angela during the summer, she even recorded a video diary about it. But now what? Awkwardness ensues...
    • 12. Vanessa's Pain

      27 Mar '14
      Vanessa is still lost. She has no phone. She has no hope. She has no idea what to do next. And so, she wanders. She winds up back at the flop house, only to encounter more trouble.
    • 13. Vanessa Runs

      01 Apr '14
      Vanessa runs for her life. With no place to go and no one to turn to, she spends her first night on the street. This might be the longest night of her life. Will she ever find a little light in her darkness?
    • 14. Pushed Out

      02 Apr '14
      Your next mid-season finale. Rose and Kenny discuss Vanessa's runaway some more, but are interrupted by Claire who's furious about homophobic Brittany Robinson. Unfortunately, Rose has an encounter with Brittany too - and it goes far beyond harsh words.
    • 15. Vanessa’s Calm

      26 Sep '14
      Vanessa finds some stability while staying at her brother’s as her and Matthew re-connect over breakfast.
    • 16. Stressing Out

      26 Sep '14
      Nathan senses something is really upsetting Rose, but she won’t tell him what. Later in the day, Nathan receives an upsetting phone call from her gym teacher. Rose’s anxiety about the bullying at school increases.
    • 17. Out with PFLAG, Part III

      26 Sep '14
      Rose and Nathan attend another PFLAG sharing meeting. They hear real life stories submitted by the audience. The stories are sad, horrifying, hilarious and encouraging. Nathan clues in that Rose is keeping something from him.
    • 18. Out with PFLAG, Part IV

      26 Sep '14
      Picking up where we left off, Nathan’s worst fear comes true when he learns that Rose has been victimized at school. Meanwhile, Claire, Alicia and Nomee discuss the possibility of forming a Gay Straight Alliance at their school. Back home, Rose and Nathan discuss Rose being bullied, but also a lighter subject: her up coming birthday!
    • 19. Vanessa Meets Sera

      26 Sep '14
      Vanessa meets Matthew’s friend Sera who tries to show Vanessa that change is possible.
    • 20. Getting it Out

      26 Sep '14
      Rose deals with the bullying by going to her principal and to her friends, while Nathan consults Johnny for help. Johnny also gives Angela an insight into the death of Rose’s mother.
    • 21. Vanessa Goes Home

      26 Sep '14
      Vanessa reluctantly returns home, surprises await her.
    • 22. With Family and Friends

      26 Sep '14
      In this season finale episode, Nathan follows through on his promise to Rose to come out of his parents, as a father of a gay child. After that, there is only one thing left to do: party!