• Air date: 08 Jul '10 8 episodes
      Here we have a look into the life of a teenage girl along with her single father. The two share a close relationship. Rose is coming of age, coming out of the closet, and hoping to avoid having a spotlight put on her life. Her dad, Nathan, is struggling to help. Maybe he’s even pushing her out?
  • List of Episodes (8)
    • 1. Rose with Vanessa

      08 Jul '10
      The premiere episode of Out With Dad. 15 year old Rose (Kate Conway) and her best friend Vanessa (Lindsey Middleton), find out that sometimes first kisses don’t turn out exactly how we expect.
    • 2. Out to Lunch

      21 Jul '10
      Nathan (Will Conlon) wants to learn how to help Rose. First thing he learns is that friends are more reliable than the Internet. Meanwhile, Kenny (Corey Lof) encourages Rose (Kate Conway) to make amends with Vanessa (Lindsey Middleton) even if it means being an “asshole”.
    • 3. Movie Night with Dad

      05 Aug '10
      Vanessa (Lindsey Middleton) tries to force Rose (Kate Conway) into explaining herself, but an encounter on the subway is more clarifying. Nathan (Will Conlon) continues to try to reach out to Rose in ways even his subconscious finds embarrassing.
    • 4. Party Out

      19 Aug '10
      Ingredients for a high school party: a parentless basement, mood lighting, a fool dancing, someone crying in the bathroom.
    • 5. Blind Date with Nathan

      02 Sep '10
      Nathan (Will Conlon) is out on a blind date with Angela (Kelly Marie-Murtha).
    • 6. Tea with Dad

      09 Sep '10
      A bonus minisode. Nothing like a spot of tea to make everything better. The conclusion of Rose & Nathan’s nights out.
    • 7. Chemistry with Vanessa

      23 Sep '10
      In this penultimate episode of season one, things are shaping up for Rose.
    • 8. Out with Kenny

      07 Oct '10
      Coming out isn’t easy… even when you practice.