• Air date: 10 May '19 8 episodes
      Despite changes at home and work, Ruffo resumes his fight, following a corrupt new target and a trail of kickbacks into the upper reaches of politics.
  • List of Episodes (8)
    • 1. Where Does the Mud Come From?

      10 May '19
      Ruffo gets a valuable piece of info from the secretary of the 13th contractor, Ricardo Bretch. Verena and Guilhome find themselves under investigation.
    • 2. Del Este

      10 May '19
      Vander's illegal wiretap pays off. When Ibrahim's new venture gets off to a bad start, his money-hungry wife makes a fatal error.
    • 3. Addicts

      10 May '19
      Ruffo gets a surprise when he visits his wife at the ranch, and later makes a deal with Maria Tereza, who is followed home after picking up her son.
    • 4. The Great Illusionist

      10 May '19
      Disciplined as ever, Bretch gets to work on a plan and gives his wife instructions. To find Ibrahim, Ruffo follows another trail Luz Maria has left.
    • 5. Friendship Bridge

      10 May '19
      Following the cigarette lead, Ruffo heads to Paraguay. When Guilhome learns Ruffo is pursuing Ibrahim alone, he sets out to find him and bring him back.
    • 6. Requiem

      10 May '19
      Verena finds herself at Ibrahim's mercy. When Eva is unable to convince Bretch to talk before Ibrahim does, she calls a political ally for help.
    • 7. The Ends and the Means

      10 May '19
      When Tom Carvalho tells Verena and the DA's office about shady deals involving former President Gino, Rigo issues orders that ignite a public firestorm.
    • 8. Dirty Canasta

      10 May '19
      Rigo is unable to ignore the new wiretap recording. The prospect of Thames becoming president spurs Verena to find a way to break Bretch's silence.