• Air date: 24 Aug '18 4 episodes
      The show looks at whether a partner can be found based solely on the naked body and animal magnetism. Two singletons join host Anna Richardson as they seek to choose a date from a selection of six naked people, who will be revealed to them one body part at a time. They then get dressed and head off on a date, to see if there is any chemistry when the clothes come on.
  • List of Episodes (4)
    • 1. Josh and Matt & Mary

      24 Aug '18
      Twenty-year-old virgin Josh (who appeared as a contestant in season 2) seeks a princess to help pop his cherry. And Matt and Mary seek a third person to join them in bed.
    • 2. Chris & Louise

      31 Aug '18
      Former club rep Chris goes naked, hoping to meet someone to settle down with. And technophobe Louise is looking to meet an old fashioned gentleman to sweep her off her feet.
    • 3. Leah & Ryan

      07 Sep '18
      Bisexual 30-year-old fashion designer Leah is looking to settle down but keeps scaring her dates off. Ryan is hoping to find love, despite being born with the life limiting disorder cystic fibrosis.
    • 4. Richard and David

      14 Sep '18
      Richard from Darlington, a 27-year-old singer in a Take That tribute band, takes part in the dating show. Next is 50-year-old David from Maidstone, a divorcee after 24 years of marriage, who has a brand new outlook on life. Will he find a kindred spirit? Series 4 (2018)