• Air date: 29 Jun '17 10 episodes
      The show looks at whether a partner can be found based solely on the naked body and animal magnetism. Two singletons join host Anna Richardson as they seek to choose a date from a selection of six naked people, who will be revealed to them one body part at a time. They then get dressed and head off on a date, to see if there is any chemistry when the clothes come on.
  • List of Episodes (10)
    • 1. Dom and Izzy

      29 Jun '17
      Pansexual Izzy is open to all genders; while Dom wants to find a girl who isn't put off by his posh boy charm.
    • 2. Marlie & Adam

      04 Jul '17
      Student Marlie needs to stay away from bad boys, while Adam from Bradford craves a woman with no secrets
    • 3. Adele & Jack

      13 Jul '17
      After beating cancer, Adele is keen to grab 'life by the balls' and wants a guy who feels the same. Having lost four stone, Jack wants to show off his new body and hopefully meet the one.
    • 4. Gemma & Jennafer

      20 Jul '17
      After dating a few love rats, 24-year-old beautician Gemma wants to find prince charming. Fed up with men, 28-year-old tattoo artist Jennafer seeks the perfect woman.
    • 5. Cathy & Adam

      28 Jul '17
      First up is 43-year-old Cathy from Hertfordshire who, with her biological clock ticking, is wanting to settle down and have children. Then, 24-year-old Londoner Adam takes centre stage. He hates online dating and has decided to bare all in order to find the perfect match.
    • 6. Sophie & Dom

      04 Aug '17
      First up is 22-year-old gym addict Sophie from Surrey, who is desperate to find a man who boasts a little banter. Next up is Dom, a 25-year-old wedding model from Bournemouth.
    • 7. Judy & Craig

      18 Aug '17
      Anna guides 28-year-old Judy through the basics of naked dating. And tent erector Craig, who is almost 30, hopes to meet his ideal match in the buff.
    • 8. Ray & Jimmy

      25 Aug '17
      Ray from Swindon is fed up of dating bad boys and is looking for a nice naked guy. Barman Jimmy wants to settle down in Bristol. Can he find his perfect partner in the buff?
    • 9. Mark & Justin

      01 Sep '17
      Mark from Sussex appeared last series as a body and was rejected - now he's back to choose himself a date. And Justin from London is done with being 'friend zoned' by girls.
    • 10. Alesia & Louise

      08 Sep '17
      Psychology student Alesia is tired of meeting 'boys' and hopes to meet a real man in the buff. And after 200 dates all over the world, Louise is ready to meet her soulmate.