• List of Episodes (15)
    • 1. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

      02 Mar '18
      The 40 junior home cooks are split up into two groups – girls and boys. All 20 girls are tasked with making a flawless medium-rare filet mignon dish. Only 12 winners earn an apron and a chance to move on.
    • 2. The Boys Are Back In Town

      02 Mar '18
      The 40 junior home cooks are split up into two groups – girls and boys. All 20 boys must prepare the perfect chicken breast dish. Only 12 winners earn an apron and a chance to move on.
    • 3. Recipe for Love

      09 Mar '18
      The Top 20 face a team challenge to prepare a lunch service for a wedding party of 75 guests, which will consist of racks of lamb and pan-seared halibut.
    • 4. American Classics

      16 Mar '18
      The Top 22 split up into teams and must prepare as many perfect-looking milkshakes as they can in just 10 minutes. The winning teams will be safe from elimination and one unlucky judge will get a sweet surprise! Then, the rest of the junior cooks will each have to put their own personal twist on a classic chicken-and-waffles dish.
    • 5. Recipe for Love

      23 Mar '18
      The Top 20 face their toughest team challenge yet: preparing lunch service for a wedding of 75 guests. Both sides will be cooking racks of lamb and pan-seared halibut, and it will be up to the judges to decide which team wins and who from the losing team will head home.
    • 6. No Sugar, Sugar

      30 Mar '18
      The junior home cooks face a mystery box challenge that tasks them with making desserts using natural sweeteners other than sugar.
    • 7. Donut Sweat It

      06 Apr '18
      The junior chefs split up into pairs and have to decorate and frost as many specialty donuts as they can in just 10 minutes, all while being tied by the ankle to their partner! Later in the kitchen, Gordon Ramsay's daughter, Matilda, gives the contestants a masterclass on how to make her version of a hamburger and French fries. Then, the junior chefs must do their best to replicate it before the judges determine who will be sent home.
    • 8. Room Service

      13 Apr '18
      The junior home cooks split into two teams and take over the kitchen at an upscale hotel in Los Angeles, where they will be in charge of running room service during breakfast for guests at the hotel.
    • 9. Tag Team

      13 Apr '18
      The remaining junior chef-testants have 45 minutes to create dishes inspired by their families using farm fresh ingredients.
    • 10. Under Pressure

      20 Apr '18
      The Top 12 have just 15 minutes to make as many eggs benedict dishes as they can. Later, they must prepare one of the most difficult egg dishes of all time.
    • 11. A Can Do Attitude

      20 Apr '18
      Then, the remaining home cooks create their own unique dishes but must use one common ingredient: chocolate.
    • 12. Popup Restaurant

      04 May '18
      The junior chefs cook for 30 MASTERCHEF JUNIOR alumni at a pop-up restaurant. The losing team will head back to the MASTERCHEF kitchen for a pressure test designed by Season Five winner Jasmine Stewart.
    • 13. Grandma Gordon

      04 May '18
      The remaining junior home cooks prepare dishes inspired by their grandmothers.
    • 14. The Finale Pt. 1

      18 May '18
      After a season's worth of challenges that tested the cooking abilities of young contestants from across the nation, only three junior home cooks remain.
    • 15. The Finale Pt. 2 The Winner

      18 May '18
      The final three contestants carry on cooking their 3-course meal. In the end, only one will be crowned the winner and receive a check for $100,000.