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      Air date: 07 Feb '18 5 episodes
      This Valentine's season, romance hooks up with comedy to give you a unique collection of 5 cute short stories that will get you right in the feels.
      Love Handles season 1 has 5 episodes. It is a romance web-series starring Anirudh Mahesh, Gopal Verma, Anuradha Shabadi and Aakanksha Singh. Season 1 for Love Handles aired on 07 Feb '18 and available to watch online on streaming platform Youtube.
  • List of Episodes (5)
    • Isn't it weird how dating is supposed to attract people to you when, in reality, the most embarrassing and awkward things tend to only happen on dates?.This Valentines Week 2018, watch Ashleel Pyaar, a young man's quest for love and the numerous awkward dates he's been through. Will he ever find his perfect match?
    • Most of us fall in love for all the wrong reasons. What happens when you fall for someone who shares your secret vices and bad habits? This Valentine’s day, we bring you this funny romantic film, Chori Chori Pyaar, story of a cute and quirky couple who literally steal their way into each other's hearts, featuring Satyajeet Dubey and Russhita Singh. Get your dose of romance and comedy this Valentine with the second story of Love Handles #ChoriChoriPyaar
    • #SilentPyaar is a funny, cute love story of a deaf and dumb boy who is hopelessly in love with a girl just like him. His crazy best friends decide to help him out in his mission. Will he succeed in wooing the girl of his dreams with his silent love? .Watch Silent Pyaar, Story 3 of the romantic comedy web series, Love Handles, only on Gorilla Shorts.
    • You don’t stop falling in love when you grow old, you grow old when you stop falling in love said Johnny Welch. Watch the story of an old man and an old woman who decide to run away from an old-age home. Do they find what they are looking for? Or is there a twist in the tale? .
    • Gorilla Shorts presents #GudGudWalaPyaar, the fourth story of the Love Handles web series. A funny and quirky romantic short story of a regular guy, who’s taken the fine art of taking a dump to a whole new level. Will his quirky belief affect his friendship with his roommates and his prospects for romance? Watch Gud Gud Wala Pyaar to find out..