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      Air date: 20 Dec '15 13 episodes
      A sitcom set against the backdrop of the high-pressure world of competitive engineering exams, the series follows the misadventures of six fren-emies from diverse backgrounds coming to Kota with one dream: to top the IIT entrance exam!
      Kota Toppers season 1 has 13 episodes. It is a comedy, drama web-series . Season 1 for Kota Toppers aired on 20 Dec '15 and available to watch online on streaming platform Youtube and Bindass.
  • List of Episodes (13)
    • A hot female professor from Detroit comes to give lecture a at Vardhan’s coaching and all the boys are smitten only to find out that she is a mental patient
    • The gang is planning a rebellion against Mona Aunty but the boys get in trouble with some hijras and the girl’s get stuck in a cooler at Vardhan’s house. Mona Aunty comes to their rescue and the rebellion is suppressed forever.
    • Raghav’s brother announces that Raghav is gay to keep him away from girls and other distractions. The gang however figures the truth and sends him on a date.
    • The gang solves a million dollar prize equation... so they get drunk, then they misplace the equation, then they falsely accuse a classmate only to find out that the prize was won by someone else.
    • Rhea fakes a terminal illness and gets her way with the gang however, a serial killer is on the loose and everyone thinks it is best he kills Rhea when they come face to face with him
    • Piyush takes Raghav on a double date with Rhea and Preeti while Saina goes out with Siddharth, Abhay and Nancy are left at the PG, and then all chaos ensues!!.
    • Saina manages to depress everyone around about life and the pressure of studies, Raghav is about to reveal his feelings to her but her ex- boyfriend lands up instead to cheer her up!.
    • The gang takes a trip with Saina’s boyfriend, everyone lands up getting stoned and no romance works out! To everyone’s surprise Abhay and Naicy land up as a couple! .