• Air date: 28 Mar '13 5 episodes
      James May and the Man Lab crew set out build, solve, invent and generally do manly things.
  • List of Episodes (5)
    • 1. James creates his own Pizza oven

      28 Mar '13
      James prepares to commentate live on the Grand National, builds a one tonne pizza oven and helps his helpless sidekick Rory convince a group of experts that he is the BBC's newest wine expert via an earpiece from a van parked outside.
    • 2. James makes a bar of soap

      04 Apr '13
      James attempt to catch a bolt of lightning, enters the Rock Paper Scissors World Championships, creates a neighbourhood watch team made up of cats and makes a bar of soap which involves some dangerous chemistry and a trip to the local coal mine.
    • 3. James builds a water clock

      11 Apr '13
      James helps an Oxfordshire town save their diamond jubilee celebration using ballistics and hot cross buns. James challenges Sim to the most dramatic drinking game you will ever see. James and the team to build a water clock and create a coat that doubles up as a bed.
    • 4. James builds a mail sorter

      18 Apr '13
      James May goes in search of a wedding ring lost in the 1970s. The team also launches its own pirate radio station and there are a couple of amazing inventions on offer too.
    • 5. James makes a monster for Skegness

      25 Apr '13
      James May continues his epic quest to re-skill the modern male. He attempts Man Lab's most risky stunt to date, which involves an ailing seaside town and a great big monster.