• Air date: 17 Jan '10 12 episodes
      It takes a brave, selfless man to make himself a "human target" in order to save the lives of those in danger. Based on the popular DC Comics comic book and graphic novel, Human Target is a full-throttle action drama centered on Christopher Chance, a unique private contractor/security expert/bodyguard hired to protect.
  • List of Episodes (12)
    • 1. Pilot

      17 Jan '10
      Christopher Chance is hired to protect the engineer of California's first bullet train as it makes its maiden voyage from Los Angeles to San Francisco.
    • 2. Rewind

      20 Jan '10
      Chance and Winston encounter some severe turbulence when they work together to protect a client they have never met from an assassin aboard a passenger plane.
    • 3. Embassy Row

      26 Jan '10
      Chance races against time and crashes a black-tie affair at the Russian Embassy to find a friend's killer. As he becomes embroiled in an international arms deal, he meets his match in a beautiful female counterpart.
    • 4. Sanctuary

      03 Feb '10
      Chance needs a miracle to help protect a reformed thief from his vengeful former accomplices as they race to recover priceless religious artifacts hidden in a remote Canadian monastery.
    • 5. Run

      10 Feb '10
      Chance is hired to protect a district attorney who is running from her family's past and marked for murder because of her investigation into an organized crime family.
    • 6. Lockdown

      17 Feb '10
      Chance must break in then break out of the maximum-security high-rise headquarters of a weapons manufacturer when he is hired to rescue a genius engineer who is held prisoner by his murderous employers.
    • 7. Salvage & Reclamation

      10 Mar '10
      Chance reunites with a fiery former flame when he is called to South America to rescue an archeologist whose discovery of a lost treasure makes him the target of a South American army and a deadly bounty hunter.
    • 8. Baptiste

      17 Mar '10
      Chance's past comes into focus when he recruits FBI Agent Emma Barnes to help him stop his former partner from assassinating a visiting foreign dignitary. Meanwhile, Guerrero tests out a familiar face as a new recruit to the team.
    • 9. Corner Man

      24 Mar '10
      Chance must protect a prize fighter on the run from a ruthless business man by entering a high-stakes underground fight league in Brussels.
    • 10. Tanarak

      31 Mar '10
      Chance travels to a remote Alaskan island to find a missing doctor and expose an industrial giant's involvement in the death of a mining foreman.
    • 11. Victoria

      07 Apr '10
      Chance is hired to protect a member of the British royal family whose decision to abdicate the throne for the love of a commoner has her marked for assassination.
    • 12. Christopher Chance

      14 Apr '10
      In the season finale, Chance's old boss makes a move to bring him back into the fold, Chance, Winston, and Guerrero recall the events that led up to their unlikely partnership. Katherine, a woman from Chance's past, whose death drove him to adopt his current profession also appears.