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      The Real Victims meets Pyar Ka Punch! Watch what ensues between Ashwin-Shalini and Meera-Abhimanyu when they meet each other for the first time. Do they get along? Does finicky Shalini like sauve Abhimanyu? Does Ashwin take a leaf or two from Abhimanyu's book? Watch to find out!
      Grass Is Greener On The Other Side season 2 has 18 episodes. It is a romance, drama web-series starring Chhavi Mittal, Shweta Gulati, Karan Veer Mehra and Pracheen Chauhan. It is created by Mohit Hussein. The release date is not decided yet and available to watch online on streaming platform Youtube.
  • List of Episodes (18)
    • 1. Episode 1

      19 Apr '18
      Grass is Greener on the Other Side returns with a bang starring your favourite characters Abhimanyu (Pracheen Chauhan), Meera (Pooja Gor), Rishi (Karan V Grover) & Rohini (Chhavi Mittal). This time they do a home stay and amidst all the fun and “comparisons” they go through, they end up calling a Holy Spirit on the Ouija board! You can’t miss this one for the world! .This video was presented by COOLWINKS. Check it out here:
    • 2. Episode 2

      26 Apr '18
      Ever had a rendezvous with an ex-girlfriend? That too after marriage? And how did your wife take that? Well, if you are married, and if you have so much as spoken to her, you know how that feels! Rishi’s casual exchange of a joke with an ex, leads to a big confusion between the two of them, while Abhimanyu tries to cool things off his way. Throw in some Ouija board fun and summoning spirits, and you have a perfect blend of entertainment! Excited much to watch? All this and more in S2 E2 of GRASS
    • Have you ever ‘tweaked the truth’? Sometimes it’s not only OK but even imperative! There’s a thin line between tweaking the truth and lying. Care to know how? Abhimanyu tells a white lie to Meera to avoid hurting her feelings and Rishi totally judges him for doing so. Abhimanyu is out there to prove to Rishi that even wives tweak the truth many times. Watch how Rishi gets caught in his own web and yet again fails to learn simple life lessons imparted by Abhimanyu in this absolutely hilarious epi
    • 4. The Brunch

      30 Aug '18
      Rishi and Abhimanyu want to sneak out from a brunch with the wives. What’s the hidden agenda? Rishi tells Abhimanyu that it is impossible to trick Rohini. Will Abhimanyu succeed in doing so? Watch what ensues in the new episode of Grass Is Greener On The Other Side..S2E4 – THE BRUNCH
    • #GrassIsGreenerOnTheOtherSide.New year’s eve is around the corner and Rishi and Rohini throw a small party at their house. While Abhimanyu and Meera are there, they also have a friend of theirs’ visiting from Singapore, who wants to play poker. Rohini and Meera are not interested and Rishi and Abhi are obliged to entertain their special guest. So who will win in the end? Not at poker, but at deciding what is the agenda of the party? Any guesses? Watch GRASS IS GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE-S2E5
    • #GrassIsGreenerOnTheOtherSide.Between a husband and wife, there are many boundaries that are set to define the power equation in their house. Well who are we kidding! Most of the decisions concerning what goes on inside the house are taken by the wife! Watch Rishi and Rohini, Abhimanyu and Meera battle it out for the division of responsibilities over a fun and exciting game of Dumb Charades! Do not miss the end!
    • #GrassIsGreenerOnTheOtherSide.Do you have a bucket list that you want to knock off before you die? Maybe tasting different kinds of food, travel to exotic destinations, or maybe visiting the beautiful locales of Leh-Ladakh? Well Rishi surely wants to go to Leh-Ladakh at least once in his lifetime. Watch what happens when he brings this to Rohini’s attention! As always, hilarity ensues! Watch till the end.
    • #GrassIsGreenerOnTheOtherSide.The festival of Diwali is synonymous with cleaning, decorating, lights, crackers, Lakshmi Puja, and a lot of festivities. But have you ever considered a scenario where all these things can turn into possible subjects of fights between a couple? No, not because of a difference of opinion.. but because of a value added opinion! Didn’t get it? Well, watch this episode of Grass Is Greener On The Other Side and see how innocent Rishi ends up disrupting his own peace
    • #GrassIsGreenerOnTheOtherSide.What do we do when something we want is out of our reach? We say, the grapes are sour. We all don’t do that always, but that is the case with Rishi when he gets invited to the party of the year, Romit’s birthday party and he knows that Rohini will not give him the permission to go. He takes the approach of sour grapes. But deep down within he really does want to go. So he takes advice from Abhimanyu. While Abhimanyu tells him quite a simple fool proof plan, is
    • Ever ended up inviting trouble? Or did you shoot yourself in the foot? Have you ever shown a red tag to a bull by mistake? Well, something like that is what this husband does when he by mistake upsets his wife while trying to impress his friend! Rishi vs Rohini, husband vs wife, wife vs friend, right vs wrong. Let the game begin! Watch Grass is Greener On The Other Side-E10.आ बैल मुझे मार
    • Halloween just went by but our penchant for the supernatural has not gotten over yet. Rishi, Rohini, Abhimanyu and Meera’s building seems to be haunted. Various neighbours have spotted a ghost. Or at least a presence. While Rishi, Rohini and Meera are quite scared, Abhimanyu is a total non-believer. Watch what happens when Abhimanyu finds himself face to face with the paranormal, in this hilarious episode!.BHOOT AAYA BHOOT!
    • 12. Bromance

      03 Dec '20
      When the husbands fight, the wives can sometimes get caught in the middle. Especially if the 2 couples are great friends like Abhimanyu-Meera and Rishi-Rohini. The husbands have had a massive fight because of Abhimanyu taking a U-turn on a mutually taken decision. And it’s the worse when both are justified in their own way! Watch how this impacts Rohini and Meera and if Rishi and Abhimanyu patch up, in this hilarious 2 part story of GRASS IS GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE..BROMANCE – Part 1
    • The fight among these two friends, men, husbands, is now getting a bit messy. Watch this comedy drama enfold in a hilarious manner! The wives find themselves in the middle of things and only make it messier. SIT brings you this comedy, Grass Is Greener On The Other Side. A fight between friends, a patch between friends..BROMANCE – Part 2
    • 14. Game Night

      24 Dec '20
      Christmas is here and it is a time that everyone wants to spend with family and friends. And when friends and family get together there are bound to be games. Watch what happens when Rishi and Rohini get together with Abhi and Meera and a few other friends and they all end up playing a couples’ game. What will the outcome of this supposedly fun zone? Watch to find out!.GAME NIGHT – E14
    • Who should be the one to say sorry when a husband and wife have a fight? Both feel that the other one is at fault, or rather, that it is not their fault. Sounds familiar? The same happens with Abhimanyu and Meera when they fight on their 7th anniversary. Is it a 7 year itch? Who will say sorry and make up? Who will bend, so to speak? How will they patch up? The chances of that are bleak considering Rishi and Rohini are the ones to help them make up! Watch this funny take on this very common
    • #Friends.Abhi and Meera have made new friends and Rishi and Rohini are getting extremely jealous and are feeling left out. They too are determined to make new friends and teach Abhi and Meera a lesson. Will they succeed? The suspense is too much to handle! But the wait is over. Watch the new episode now!
    • Have you ever tried bhang on Holi? It is a very popular drink on Holi and everyone who has tried it has a different experience to share with the world. Watch how Rishi, Rohini, Abhimanyu and the darling maid Baby reacts to bhang on this Holi! And yes, do share your own bhang story with us! Presenting SIT’s Holi special video! .#HappyHoli