• Air date: 31 Oct '89 10 episodes
      Flop Show is an Indian television sitcom that first aired on Doordarshan in 1989. The show was written and directed by satirical humourist Jaspal Bhatti, who also played himself as the main character. His wife Savita Bhatti produced the show and also acted in all the episodes as his wife. The sitcom was a satire on the socio-cultural problems faced by the common man in India at the time. Although only 10 episodes of the show were ever produced, the show has had a long and powerful legacy.
  • List of Episodes (10)
    • 1. Chief Guest

      31 Oct '89
      The episode is a satirical production on chief guests arriving late at public functions and thus making audiences wait. In this sitcom, the travails of a chief guest who arrives at a function on time is featured.
    • 2. Medical Bills

      The episode is a satirical production on fake medical reimbursement claims of employees. This situation comedy is about a very ill person getting hospitalized in his friend's name.
    • 3. Property

      This episode is a satirical piece based on the trials of real estate property owners. This sitcom features the devious schemes of tenants for usurping residential property.
    • 4. Contractor

      The episode is a satirical piece on the poor quality construction of apartments and the ways and means of contractors. It features the troubles of the residents of housing complexes.
    • 5. PhD

      The satirical episode focuses on the behavior of professors of research students and the difficulty with which doctoral dissertations were accepted. It also features a professor's attempt to get his student to marry his sister-in-law.
    • 6. Meeting

      This satirical episode is on the daily routine of office executives who spent most of their day in meaningless meetings. It also parodied the appointment of committees for taking trivial decisions.
    • 7. Govt Officer

      This episode is a satirical production on the functioning of government offices. It parodies the misuse of government machinery, which is portrayed through a government official's deployment of public resources for the search of his pet dog.
    • 8. Doctor

      This satirical episode is on the working of medical professionals in hospitals. It ends up become a laugh riot when a doctor's antique watch is lost.
    • 9. Lineman

      The episode was based on the uncertainties associated with the residential telephone connections. It parodied the functioning of telecommunications department and its technicians.
    • 10. Actor, Dir & Producer

      The episode was based on the lack of creative content in the production of TV series. It parodied the production of a television programmes by unqualified individuals.