• Season 1 streaming now!
      Air date: 21 Aug '20 8 episodes
      Flesh is the complex story of two completely different girls who survive the ordeal of being victims of the sex and human trafficking industry of India.
      Flesh season 1 has 8 episodes. It is a crime, drama web-series starring Yudhistir Urs, Swara Bhaskar, Akshay Oberoi and Mahima Makwana. Season 1 for Flesh aired on 21 Aug '20 and available to watch online on streaming platform Youtube and Eros Now.
  • List of Episodes (8)
    • 1. Episode 1

      21 Aug '20
      Two kids runaway from captivity while NRI Zoya meets her mysterious crush, ACP Radha risks her life to save the doomed.
    • 2. Episode 2

      21 Aug '20
      Radha's career is on stake. Zoya goes missing and finds herself in the ruthless world of flesh trade.
    • 3. Episode 3

      21 Aug '20
      A powerful cartel runs the flesh trade with a weirdo in charge. Radha gets strangely involved in Zoya's missing case.
    • 5. Episode 5

      21 Aug '20
      Taj tries everything to tighten his grip on the flesh business. Radha is approached by a strong ally within the force.
    • 6. Episode 6

      21 Aug '20
      While Shekhar and Reba plead for Radha's help, Taj is getting more and more ruthless in his approach.
    • 7. Episode 7

      21 Aug '20
      Shekhar is haunted by the ghosts from his past, which threatens Zoya's future. Taj finally shows his animalistic side.
    • 8. Episode 8

      21 Aug '20
      Radha must face her worst nightmare. While she needs to save Zoya's life, her inner demon is making her weak.