• Air date: 01 Sep '22 10 episodes
      Teenage best friends Zoe and Becca set out to build their own fake ID empire, but when business starts booming, their life of crime gets way too real.
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    • 2. ...Yo I got a Fake I.D. though

      01 Sep '22
      Becca shares her side of the story, recalling how their fake ID business got started — and how it was all Zoe's idea.
    • 3. Don't Panic. (definitely don't)

      01 Sep '22
      Zoe and Becca scramble to produce hundreds of fake IDs in a short amount of time, but as the clock winds down, problems — and threats — arise.

      01 Sep '22
      As Zoe melts down over production issues and a looming deadline, Becca shows off her business acumen by cleverly troubleshooting their problems.
    • 5. Real G's Move in Silence like Lasagna

      01 Sep '22
      A busy day in the life of Tryst reveals him juggling multiple hustles in an attempt to go legit. Could Zoe and Becca's business plan change his fortunes?
    • 6. A Cup of Ambition

      01 Sep '22
      When quirky new hire Sally accidentally loses a bag full of fakes, Zoe and Becca race to track down the IDs before they fall into the wrong hands.
    • 7. All Eyes On Me

      01 Sep '22
      Worried about potential blowback over the wayward IDs, Zoe and Becca hatch a plan to head off trouble. But as pressure mounts, their friendship frays.
    • 8. King of Anything

      01 Sep '22
      As Zoe takes on more both at home and at the office, her new responsibilities give her a confidence boost that starts attracting attention.
    • 9. Forged in Stone (or something)

      01 Sep '22
      Amid relationship troubles, Becca confronts her father. Later, the girls reconnect with Sally and question their business arrangement with Tryst.
    • 10. She said, she said

      01 Sep '22
      A penthouse party provides the perfect cover for the girls to relocate their equipment. Tryst resorts to drastic measures when his own plans go awry.