• Air date: 02 Nov '18 10 episodes
      Hoichoi Originals soon presents ‘Eken Babu’ featuring a man with a quirky persona, who lands up in an apartment in Bangalore, much to the annoyance of its residents.
      Eken Babu season 1 has 10 episodes. It is a bengali mystery, comedy web-series starring Anirban Chakrabarti, Shoumo Banerjee and Bubble. It is created by Anirban Mallik. Season 1 for Eken Babu aired on 02 Nov '18 and available to watch online on streaming platform Hoichoi and Youtube.
  • List of Episodes (10)
    • Police start their investigation to find the reason behind Kirit Patel’s untimely death. Meanwhile, Eken Babu seems no less keen to know the cause as well.
    • Eken Babu’s curiosity about Kirit Patel’s death leaves everyone irritated. However, Eken Babu is eager to meet astrologer Shailen Sapui to ask about his future.
    • 5. The Diary

      03 Mar '18
      Eken’s curiosity takes him to the deceased - Kirit Patel’s apartment, where he finds a diary. Will it be a lead to the cause of his untimely death?
    • Despite Bapi and Pramatha suspecting him, Eken reads Patel’s diary and finds, that all his Friday chronicles are missing. Do these pages have the answer to his death?
    • With every step forward, Eken Babu is nearing the conclusion to Patel’s death. Little is he aware, that someone else is spying on his actions too.
    • 9. Hard Rock

      03 Mar '18
      His ceaseless investigations lead him to a certain twist in the tale. It is at this point of time, that Eken Babu decides it’s time for a showdown.