• Air date: 09 Apr '09 11 episodes
      Eden of the East is a Japanese anime television series, which premiered on Fuji TV's noitaminA timeslot on April 9, 2009. Created, directed and written by Kenji Kamiyama, it features character designs by Chika Umino and animation production by Production I.G. Based on an original story by Kamiyama, it is the first original noitaminA series. A compilation of the TV series, Eden of The East Compilation: Air Communication, had a limited theatrical release on September 26, 2009. Two other theatrical films have also been released. Eden of the East Movie I: The King of Eden was released in Japan on November 28, 2009 and the second movie, Eden of the East the Movie II: Paradise Lost, was released on March 13, 2010. The TV series and both films have been licensed for release in North America by Funimation Entertainment. On December 27, 2010, the series made its North American debut on the FUNimation Channel.
  • List of Episodes (11)
    • 1. Finding A Prince

      09 Apr '09
      Saki Morimi has just graduated from college and is visiting Washington D.C.. When she gets into trouble with the police, a mysterious Japanese boy helps her out. The boy appears to have no memory and is completely naked, carrying only a gun and a cell phone. Juiz, who claims to be his concierge tells him over the phone that his memory was wiped. Later he takes on the identity Akira Takizawa and decides to go back to Japan along with Saki. While waiting for their flight, they watch a news
    • 2. Melancholic Monday

      16 Apr '09
      After they arrive in Tokyo, Akira confesses to Saki that he has no memory before they met in Washington. Saki goes along with Akira to help him track the address mentioned as his residence on his passport. On the phone Juiz tells Akira that it is his responsibility to spend 8.2 billion yen that the phone is charged with. Meanwhile Kondō is tracking Akira by the places Akira is using the phone for payments. Akira walks up to Kondō and starts a conversation with him after he notices that both of
    • 3. Evening of the Late Show

      23 Apr '09
      Akira and Saki arrived at the building which address was written in Akira's passport. It turns out to be a Shopping mall. After they looked around , Saki is watching a movie in the mall cinema. Meanwhile Kondo followed Akira and Saki and enters the building too,with the intention to take away Akira's cellphone. After he finds him in the movie instructor's room, he beats him up and takes Akira's cellphone. Unfortunately Juiz tells him that the cellphone works only with fingerprint authorization
    • 4. Real Reality, Imaginary Reality

      30 Apr '09
      Following Kondo's advice, Akira goes to track down the other Selecao members. He eventually manages to find Selecao number V, Hajime Hiura who is an influential brain surgeon. Hiura at first suspects Akira to be the Supporter, the Selecao tasked to observe the other Selecao members and to punish them if they break any of the rules. After being assured Akira is not the Supporter, Hiura tells him about Selecao. It is an organization run by Mr. Outside, an enigmatic individual who chose twelve
    • 5. Even Though Now Is Not the Time To Think About Things Like That

      07 May '09
      As Akira contemplates the power he has as a Selecao, he is confronted by a stranger who had known him before he had erased his memories. It is implied that the stranger was one of the missing NEETs, since he is angry at Akira for ditching him and his fellows in Dubai. However, grudgingly thanks him since his experiences there helped him reintegrate into society. Realizing that he had forgotten about Saki, Akira asks Juiz to locate her. As he does this, Selecao's No. 1 and 11 take notice of Akira
    • 6. Eden of the East

      14 May '09
      Saki returns to her friends in Eden of the East, a recycling club at their University, and tells them about Akira. They soon become interested in (and suspicious of) him and decide to go visit him. Akira warmly greets them and informs them that he had found out about their club's special commodity. They have developed a revolutionary image recognition program, but have stalled due to problems at the University. Akira offers to help Eden of the East in their goal, in exchange for having them help
    • 7. Black Swan Dances

      21 May '09
      The Eden of the East members begin to receive pictures from Ohsugi. Takizawa uses his phone to find him. Juiz is able to locate him in the Hotel Insomnia where he was taken after being kidnapped by the "Johnny Hunter". The hunter is Kuroha Diana Shiratori, Selecao #11. Juiz helps the two counter each other's attempts to stop one another from reaching the hotel, but they both meet in the hotel room. Kuroha explains that she cuts off men's "Johnnies" and murders them as an act of revenge. Takizawa
    • 8. Search for a Fore-Lost Journey

      28 May '09
      Takizawa wakes up to find Saki tending to his wounds, and that Kuroha had disappeared. Meanwhile, Ohsugi returns to Eden of the East, telling them that he was invited to a drinking party and had his bag stolen that night, which caused the misunderstanding. He shows his displeasure about them associating with Takizawa and leaves. He then takes a picture of Takizawa and registers to Eden's program, hoping to find out his identity. Takizawa then arrives and asks Eden if they could repair a Selecao
    • 9. A Man Too Transient

      05 Jun '09
      "Pantsu" manages to recover the complete Selecao transaction history from Kondo's phone, and discovers that the Selecao were indeed responsible for Careless Monday, as well as a series of mysterious evacuations in the targetted areas beforehand that ensured there were no casualties. Takizawa was also apparently responsible for the 20,000 missing NEETs. Takizawa makes "Pantsu" promise not to tell Saki or Micchon about what they had discovered, and leaves the phone with him in hopes of fully
    • 10. Did Someone Kill Takizawa Akira?

      11 Jun '09
      Saki and Micchon board the train to go home but Takizawa doesn't. Takizawa is confronted by Mononobe who offers to reveal the truth about the game and himself. Takizawa then receives a call from Saki who reveals that she overheard him when he confronted Kuroha. Takizawa tells Saki to stay on the line and listen to his and Mononobe's conversation. Meanwhile, Eden investigates the theater and receive a large amount of data from Itazu. Takizawa and Mononobe talk about the missing NEETs and Mononobe
    • 11. The East That Goes On

      19 Jun '09
      Saki and Micchon return to the multiplex, which has been invaded by the 20,000 NEETs. Saki explains to Eden that Takizawa recruited the NEETs to help evacuate citizens before Careless Monday, disguised as government personnel. However, in order to cover his involvement, Takizawa took responsibility for Careless Monday and shipped the NEETs to Dubai for three months to keep them out of the public eye. Out of guilt and despair for what had happened, Takizawa erased his memories. After analyzing