• Air date: 06 Jun '92 26 episodes
      Dream On is an American adult-themed situation comedy about the family life, romantic life, and career of Martin Tupper, a divorced New York City book editor played by Brian Benben. The show distinctively interjected clips from older black and white television series to punctuate Tupper's feelings or thoughts. It was created by Marta Kauffman and David Crane, the team who would later create the TV show Friends. It ran for six seasons on HBO between 1990 and 1996.
  • List of Episodes (26)
    • 1. And Bimbo Was His Name-O (1)

      06 Jun '92
      Martin's romance with Sandra comes to an abrupt halt when he learns that she is the wife of a candidate for the Senate.
    • 2. And Bimbo Was His Name-O (2)

      06 Jun '92
      Martin decides to date Sandra regardless of the consequences.
    • 3. Nightmare on Bleecker Street

      13 Jun '92
      Toby is plagued by nightmares in which she murders Martin in gruesome scenes of violence.
    • 4. For Peter's Sake

      20 Jun '92
      Gibby convinces a reluctant Martin that the big Xmas book should be the memoirs of a gay man dying of AIDS.
    • 5. Terms of Employment

      27 Jun '92
      Martin is told he will have to take a pay cut, so he quits his job, only to find things are even worse elsewhere.
    • 6. For Richard or for Poorer

      04 Jul '92
      When Richard misses his and Judith's second anniversary, she confides to Martin that all is not well in their marriage.
    • 7. Bad Girls

      11 Jul '92
      Martin decides that Jeremy's tough and sarcastic new girlfriend Clair is a bad influence and forbids him from seeing her.
    • 8. Here Comes the Bribe

      18 Jul '92
      Martin convinces Toby to marry Gibby so that he can get his green card, but becomes annoyed when the wedding plans disrupt her work.
    • 9. May Divorce Be with You

      25 Jul '92
      When Martin's parents arrive for Jeremy's thirteenth birthday, they announce they are getting a divorce.
    • 10. Come and Knock on Our Door...

      01 Aug '92
      Eddie invites Martin to a Talk Show Digest awards night, where they are both approached by a beautiful woman called Alisha.
    • 11. B.S. Elliot

      08 Aug '92
      Martin runs into his hero, author Elliot Sterns (Patrick MacNee) and manages to spoil a romantic evening out.
    • 12. What Women Want

      15 Aug '92
      Martin's new girlfriend has just come out of a bad relationship. She and her former lover, Ryan, had many problems before their breakup. But now Ryan is trying to rekindle their relationship despite her new relationship with Martin. Now Martin finds himself competing against her former lover, and Ryan has qualities that may be more than Martin can compete with.
    • 13. Red All Over

      22 Aug '92
      Martin has a great date with Jeanette, a writer's agent who happens to be black.
    • 14. The Rocky Marriage Picture Show

      29 Aug '92
      When Judith convinces Martin its time to split up their photographs, they take a trip down memory lane.
    • 15. Martin Over Medium

      05 Sep '92
      After having had lunch with a fellow editor, Martin is shocked to find him dead at his desk.
    • 16. Theory of Relativity

      12 Sep '92
      A Blumberg family reunion has everyone's nerves on edge.
    • 17. Up All Night

      19 Sep '92
      Martin plans for a weekend break are dashed.
    • 18. The Guilty Party

      26 Sep '92
      Martin courts disaster when he throws a raucous bachelor party.
    • 19. The Son Also Rises

      03 Oct '92
      Martin overreacts when he suspects that Jeremy has begun to have sex.
    • 20. Domestic Bliss

      10 Oct '92
      Martin falls for Judith's new housekeeper (Salma Hyack).
    • 21. It Came from Beneath the Sink

      17 Oct '92
      Martin does battle with a rat.
    • 22. No Deposit, No Return

      24 Oct '92
      Ellen, a beautiful writer of Martin's, asks him to her apartment, with an unusual request that he conceive a child with her. After talking it over with Jude, he accepts under the impression that he'll get to make love to her, but she only wants him to donate semen.
    • 23. To the Moon, Alex!

      31 Oct '92
      Gibby foists his possibly illegitimate son and Whitestone's newest editor upon Martin - Alex Farmer. Toby takes an immediate dislike to Alex and his secretary Skylar.
    • 24. The Undergraduate

      07 Nov '92
      Martin is dating the office's college student bagel girl Julie, even though she seems to have more in common with Jeremy. But, Martin breaks up with her in order to pursue a relationship with her mother Kate who he becomes infatuated with after a chance meeting. The only problem is that Kate isn't thrilled about the idea of dating a guy who takes advantage of college girls. The simple fact that she hates Martin doesn't dent his persistence, though, and he tries every trick he knows, including a
    • 25. Dance Ten, Sex Three

      14 Nov '92
      Following directly from the previous episode, all of Martin's hopes seem shattered when Kate appears unimpressed, but, touched by his clumsy attempt at romance, she finally accepts his offer of a date . . .