• Air date: 02 Apr '18 13 episodes
      Disappeared is a gripping series that focuses on missing person cases. Each hour delves into one story, tracing the time immediately before the individual vanished for critical clues about the disappearance.
  • List of Episodes (13)
    • 1. Edge of Fourteen

      02 Apr '18
      Ashley Summers is a fun-loving 14-year-old. When she vanishes on July 4th, her family is at a loss. The mystery deepens when the FBI connects her case to two other young women missing from her neighborhood. Ten years later, there's still no answer.
    • 2. Last Words

      08 Apr '18
      Logan Schiendelman vanishes, and authorities find his car abandoned; multiple tips claim seeing Logan, but searches turn up nothing; with no evidence of foul play, questions surface and police are forced to examine his family's controversial past.
    • 3. Troubled Waters

      15 Apr '18
      While on a Caribbean cruise, 23-year-old Amy Lynn Bradley vanishes from her family's cabin and is never seen again; over a decades-long struggle, her family embarks on countless grueling searches, stopping at nothing to find their beloved Amy.
    • 4. Into the Mist

      22 Apr '18
      Stephanie Crane, aged 9, walks home from the local bowling alley, but never arrives. Early leads go nowhere. For years authorities don't find her or make an arrest. Now, they hope that advances in evidence testing may finally solve the mystery.
    • 5. Born This Way

      29 Apr '18
      Stephanie Crane, aged 9, leaves a local bowling alley but never arrives home; years later, authorities hope that advances in evidence testing may finally solve the mystery.
    • 6. The Vanishing Hour

      06 May '18
      In Greensboro, N.C., 19-year-old Tyarra Williams vanishes from the parking lot of her apartment complex; after receiving tips that Williams may have fallen prey to human trafficking, her grandfather embarks on a cross-country search for answers.
    • 7. In Broad Daylight

      13 May '18
      Holly Cantrell is seen on security video leaving the hospital where she works, but she never arrives home; while investigating Cantrell's disappearance, police learn she has been keeping secrets.
    • 8. Just Out of Sight

      20 May '18
      Military veteran Michael VanZandt disappears one night in Hermosa Beach, Calif.; police suspect a group of strangers may be involved, while VanZandt's loved ones are haunted by suspicions about his thrill seeking make-up.
    • 9. So Close to Home

      27 May '18
      Ali Lowizter, 16, vanishes after getting off her school bus; the investigation stalls for two years until a tip comes in claiming Lowizter could have been trafficked, leading to a SWAT team raid on a house of prostitution.
    • 10. Last Stop

      03 Jun '18
      Thirteen-year-old Tabitha Tuders vanishes while walking to her bus stop in Nashville, Tenn.; police think she's a runaway, but there are disturbing circumstances surrounding her disappearance, leaving her family desperate to find the truth.
    • 11. Breaking Away

      10 Jun '18
      Nineteen-year-old college sophomore Martin Roberts is a popular fraternity brother, then he goes missing, leaving behind a cryptic note; two years later, Roberts' family remains desperate to know what happened to him.
    • 12. Moment of Truth

      17 Jun '18
      When 70-year-old retired firefighter Michael Chambers goes missing, a bloody crime scene in his garage indicates foul play; then, authorities begin to believe that the crime scene may have been staged.
    • 13. A Date with Danger

      24 Jun '18
      Nancy Moyer isn’t home when her kids come back from visiting their dad. Police look into her background, and find a more complicated life than anyone knows. But when a random murder occurs nearby, the question becomes could the cases be connected?