• Air date: 11 Apr '16 9 episodes
      Disappeared is a gripping series that focuses on missing person cases. Each hour delves into one story, tracing the time immediately before the individual vanished for critical clues about the disappearance.
  • List of Episodes (9)
    • 1. Somebody's Watching

      11 Apr '16
      Jessica Heeringa is working the night shift at a gas station. When a customer arrives just before closing to find the store empty, investigators believe she's been abducted. It's a case that reveals Jessica's biggest secret and the many men who adored her
    • 2. Against the Tide

      18 Apr '16
      25 year-old artist Tiffany Daniels never makes it home from work. When her car is found abandoned in a Pensacola Beach parking lot, it sets off a desperate search for the missing young woman...and dark speculation about her disappearance.
    • 3. Road To Nowhere

      25 Apr '16
      The case of a college student who went missing while driving home to visit his parents.
    • 4. Walk into Darkness

      02 May '16
    • 5. Off the Grid

      09 May '16
    • 6. No Stone Unturned

      16 May '16
    • 7. California Leaving

      23 May '16
    • 8. A Family Man

      30 May '16
    • 9. Love Triangle

      06 Jun '16
      Waitress Brandy Hanna leaves work Friday afternoon for a weekend off. But Monday morning, when she doesn't show up for work, her mother is convinced Brandy is in trouble. Did she walk away from her rocky love life? Or was she the victim of a fatal crime?