• Air date: 11 Jan '10 13 episodes
      Disappeared is a gripping series that focuses on missing person cases. Each hour delves into one story, tracing the time immediately before the individual vanished for critical clues about the disappearance.
  • List of Episodes (13)
    • 1. A Mother's Secret

      11 Jan '10
      The case of a mother-of-three who vanished, but as the case unfolds the community if shocked by the woman's secret past.
    • 2. A Fateful Meeting

      18 Jan '10
      A 25-year-old woman disappears while out on a date with a friend from out of town; a suspected sexual predator is thought to be connected with the disappearance.
    • 3. The Last Truck Stop

      25 Jan '10
      Investigating the disappearance of Michele Whitaker who vanished after hitching a ride from a truck stop.
    • 4. A Lost Soul

      01 Feb '10
      Following the search for teenager Lee Cutler, who went missing one morning after seeing a friend. Investigators try to discover if he has joined the Israeli army.
    • 5. Miles to Nowhere

      08 Feb '10
      A 21-year-old college student goes missing after her car swerves off the road 140 miles away from her dorm.
    • 6. Favourite Son

      The investigation into Billy Smolinski's disappearance after he discovered his girlfriend had cheated on him. Detectives try to find out if she is behind the mystery.
    • 7. The Long Drive Home

      22 Feb '10
      A woman's car is found abandoned and investigators try to find out whether she has been abducted or she is on the run.
    • 8. The Most Hated Woman in America

      Madalyn Murray O'Hair disappeared in 1995 with two members of her family and over a half-million dollars.
    • 9. Rosemary's Secret

      When Rosemary Christiansen disappears, detectives investigate to see if her husband's new girlfriend has any information that might solve the mystery.
    • 10. When the Music Stopped

      15 Mar '10
      A series of dramatic events brings back into the limelight the case of a blues guitarist who vanished.
    • 11. Dark Waters

      22 Mar '10
      A basketball player and his girlfriend vanish while sailing, and investigators try to find the only person who may have information - the man's brother.
    • 12. Royal Secrets

      29 Mar '10
      When a lawyer disappears from a Colorado mountain town the local community are shocked, but investigators soon find secrets lurking beneath the town's idyllic veneer.
    • 13. The End of Innocence

      05 Apr '10
      Forensic officers investigate when a young woman who was about to start her dream job disappears.