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MMR buzzed about Man's World
Radhika Kohli buzzed about Man's World
Keeping all logic and science behind, go ahead and watch this one for the effort and good thought behind it.
Caution: Kindly do not see it as an anti-man series.

Whenever the man-woman debate is brought on the table, most of the time the fragilities related to feminism and woman empowerment are brought into context, always questioning what is right and what should be right. Keeping aside it all, watch 'Man's World' for the simple and straightforward issue they are stressing about by satirizing the whole of it.

It has a dynamic starcast, thanks to the producers Yrf. Many incidents will leave you thinking. It is talking about a sensitive issue by highlighting the sorry plight of women, which may be troublesome at a level, nevertheless, their motive is only righteous. It is purely good stuff. #woman #empowerment #inspiration #funny #touching #real #mustwatch #thoughtful