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Honest Engineering Campus Placements is bold, brutal and believable. Trust AIB to touch the right chord with this one. The story is simple but the presentation, the dialogues, the acting and the screenplay is a class apart.

It brings to you the mundane and pathetic state of the majority of the engineering graduates in the country with the aid of three students at a time. The sarcasm and wry humor are praiseworthy -typical AIB type- it is hard hitting and thought-provoking.

The acting is dynamic and so is the script. One of the most widely recognized works of AIB, this one deserves a watch, and only from the engineering guys, but us all. To some, it can be very vocal and explicit but this is how AIB works! Focus on the content and the message. You shall not be disappointed. #bold #satire #engineering #real #friends #life #job #struggle #english #college #work
Based on something that we all face in life. Campus placements.
It’s a really funny take on it.
You’ll laugh a lot.
If you’re an engineer then you’ll totally relate to it.
Must watch for college students. Totally relatable. It clearly explains the scenario in the Indian engineering colleges . #mustwatch #comedy #campusplacement