• Air date: 16 Sep '91 27 episodes
      Blossom is an American sitcom broadcast on NBC from January 3, 1991, to May 22, 1995. The series was created by Don Reo, and starred Mayim Bialik as Blossom Russo, a teenager living with her father and two brothers. It was produced by Reo's Impact Zone Productions in association with Witt/Thomas Productions and Touchstone Television.
  • List of Episodes (27)
    • 1. Second Base

      16 Sep '91
      Blossom debates whether or not to let Jimmy get to second base; Anthony prepares for an earthquake.
    • 2. Here Comes the Buzz!

      23 Sep '91
      Nick's control of the Russo household is undermined when he ex-father-in-law visits.
    • 3. The Joint

      30 Sep '91
      Blossom and Six find a marijuana cigarette, then Blossom loses it in the house, where it's found by Nick, who wants to weed out the dope the joint belongs to.
    • 4. I'm With the Band

      07 Oct '91
      Blossom enjoys unchaperoned bliss on a school band trip, which enables her to play around in a hotel room with Six. Meanwhile, at home, Nick fears Anthony is messing around again.
    • 5. Honor?

      14 Oct '91
      Joey's cheating lands him in an advanced English class, while an innocent Blossom is labeled a ""naughty girl"" when an old friend spreads a vicious rumor.
    • 6. To Tell The Truth

      21 Oct '91
      Blossom gets a crush on Steve, who suddenly shows interest in Six; Anthony worried his past drug problems will ruin his job interview.
    • 7. Intervention

      04 Nov '91
      Anthony warns Joey that his friend might be getting hooked, while Nick plays hooky with Blossom and misses an important telephone call.
    • 8. Run For the Border

      11 Nov '91
      Joey gets a job in a Mexican cafe and falls for a colleague, but she only speaks Spanish; Six worries about her parents getting divorced; Tony saves a famous photographer's life.
    • 9. Rockumentary

      18 Nov '91
      Blossom falls asleep watching In Bed with Madonnaand dreams she is a famous singer.
    • 10. Expectations

      25 Nov '91
      When Nick announces he is bringing his new love interest home for dinner, everyone has bizarre fantasies about her.
    • 11. You Can't Go Home

      02 Dec '91
      After the Russos invite the LeMeures for dinner, Six and Blossom hope their respective single parents will fall in love; but when they stay in Santa Monica overnight, Six gets very nervous.
    • 12. This Old House

      09 Dec '91
      Memories, of which there are many, aren't enough to make a balloon payment on the house, so Nick is forced to consider selling.
    • 13. It's A Marginal Life

      16 Dec '91
      The Russos spend a turbulent Christmas: It isn't a wonderful life for Nick as Christmas approaches, since a musicians' strike forces him to take a gig in a mall organ store.
    • 14. The Test

      06 Jan '92
      Blossom is confident about her PSATs, while Six suffers from exam nerves; and things turn out differently then either expects. Meanwhile, Anthony's IQ is tested by a trip to the racetrack with Buzz.
    • 15. Hot For Teacher

      13 Jan '92
      Blossom develops a crush on her handsome substitute teacher, who turns out to be happily married.
    • 16. Three O'Clock and All is Hell

      20 Jan '92
      Blossom is paired with a tough guy for a household management class exercise, and targeted by his girlfriend, the school female bully; Nick is interviewed for his old high school newspaper by his old ""most likely to succeed"" classmate, who has a crisis in the living-room closet; and Anthony fears falling off the wagon because of drugs he's given for toothache.
    • 17. Losers Win

      10 Feb '92
      Blossom has a problem with public speaking; Tony saves Miss June's life; Nick practices for appearing in a Paula Abdul video.
    • 18. The Letter

      17 Feb '92
      The family makes a video birthday card for Mom's 40th birthday; Nick visits a fitness studio.
    • 19. Wake Up Little Suzy

      24 Feb '92
      A girl from school uses Blossom as a cover for dating boys.
    • 20. You Must Remember This

      02 Mar '92
      Blossom and Six wait in line for 15 hours to get tickets to C+C Music Factory; Joey gets his first baby-sitting job; Anthony is mystified by a female co-worker's hostility
    • 21. House Guests

      23 Mar '92
      Six shows how much her parents' breakup bugs her when she and her mother stay at the Russo house overnight while theirs is being sprayed by an exterminator; and a 12-year-old boy develops a crush on Blossom.
    • 22. Whines and Misdemeanors

      06 Apr '92
      Blossom forges her detention slip in order to sneak out to a big rock concert; Nick lies about where he's spending the night after he hits it off with a country singer.
    • 23. Driver's Education

      27 Apr '92
      Blossom passes her driver's test, but only because she cries; Joey is being sexually harassed by his boss at work.
    • 24. Spring Fever

      04 May '92
      Everyone has a date except Joey and Six, who spy on Blossom and Vinnie.
    • 25. Runaway

      10 Aug '92
      Nick wakes up to find that Blossom has run away with Vinnie.