A Rohit Shetty Movie Served Hot And Spicy Just In 2hrs...

By Gauri P Kholkar | 7.3k |

He has given us the Golmaal series, Bol Bachchan , Singham , Chennai Express and lately Dilwale. Rohit Shetty sure knows how to deliver blockbusters one after another. Let's discover his magic formula...

Maan Na Maan, Main Tera Ayushmann!

By Shikhar Srivastava | 2.3k |

"कितना जानता होगा वो शख़्स मेरे बारे में, मेरे मुस्कुराने पर जिसने पूछ लिया तुम उदास क्यूँ हो.”

Many great talents have made their name in Bollywood with their stupendous works, and one of them is Ayushmann Khurrana. An actor, poet, singer and an anchor, he is a well-established name in Hindi film industry.

Top Indian Web-series of 2017 That Are Definitely Worth Your Time

By Anamika S | 3.5k |

In India, the Over The Top(OTT) market picked up steadily in the past 2 years with a lot of focus on home grown web series. With players like AltBalaji, Dice Media, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Viu, Voot etc. 2017 saw a lot of webseries streamed that have left a mark on young people. Let us peek into the top web series of 2017.

Sacred Games Season 2 Release Date. How Many Seasons Will There Be?

By Priyanshi Mehra | 2.8k |

With the release of season 1 of Sacred Games on July 6 2018, you must be wondering whether there will be a season 2 or not.

The Timeliners Flames Season 2 Trailer Released - Where to Watch the Show Online

By Arindom Deka | 1.4k |

A new teaser for The Timeliners Flames Season 2 is finally here giving us a look at the new development in our hero Rajat and (maybe?) his girlfriend Ishita.

2016 Summer Box-Office Predictions

By MMR | 6.1k |

[Updated 25 Apr] The Summer is finally here which only means it's time for the Blockbuster movie seasons. Summer is the time when we get the big Superhero movies, the ones which are highly anticipated and attracts more audiences. Basically this is the money-making season.

Captain Marvel and The Review Score War...

By Rohon Nag | 1.9k |

Rotten tomatoes Deleting negative reviews and adding copy pasted reviews to boost the score?

Fake Bot Audience Reviews on Google to make it look better reviewed than it really is!!!

Can any of this be actually true or a reality manipulation by Thanos to bring down Captain Marvel!

We Are in the Endgame now - Recapping Major Milestones in MCU: Part II - The Mediocre Phase

By Rohon Nag | 1.8k |

When Marvel’s phase 2 started, I was really excited. Iron Man 3 was the follow-up to Avengers and fans were clamoring for more Tony Stark. There was rumours of Ultron being the big bad for the end of this Phase and that sounded great! Ultron was a hugely popular foe to the Avengers and unlike LOKI he was not organic, making him unpredictable and exciting. Not to mention Joss Whedon who had crafted the amazing Avengers was back in the director’s chair.

Unforgettable Moments From Captain America: Civil War Enough to Bring Smile Even For 100th Time

By Arindom Deka | 5.8k |

Captain America: Civil War managed to steal all our hearts and exceed all expectations. Arguably the best Marvel movie ever made, the movie introduced us to some new awesome characters as well as bringing out the best of all the other characters and a kickass airport fight scene that is undoubtedly the best action sequence in the history of comic book movies. The movie had some really humorous and exciting as well as some heartfelt moments too. Listed below are a few of them that managed to stay with us even after we left the theaters.

11 Minimalistic Posters of Bollywood Movies Showcasing Iconic Scenes

By Siddhant Sharma | 4.6k |

Movies come and movies go, but some scenes are so funny that we can never get them out of our head. Even watching them for a thousandth time has same impact on us. Check out these minimalistic posters and relive these iconic scenes once again...