20 Banned and Acclaimed Indian Movies That Are Available Only on Streaming Services

By Arindom Deka | 2.0k |

The Censor Board of India has become quite liberal with the movies that have come out in the recent years. This wasn't the case until the late 2000's though when movies were banned over the type of content it contained. Movies that discussed topics such as sexuality, religion, violence or even topics such as history.
These include some really great Indian movies that might have slipped out of your radar, mostly because it was banned for numerous reasons. For all the cinephiles and Bollywood buffs, here is a list of movies that you should definitely not miss out!

Is The Rise of OTT Posing An Impending Threat To Cinema Halls?

By Ehraz asmad Zaman | 1.1k |

Many cinema halls’ owners have cited the boom of OTT platforms as a greater threat to their business.

The Re-opening of Cinema Halls And How Their Fate Swims In Troubled Water.

By Ehraz asmad Zaman | 1.1k |

But it seems like all their tactics to attract moviegoers are failing terribly as theaters around the country are recording terrible attendance, with some even having less than 35% occupancy.

Gopal Datt: The Multi-Faceted Talent of Indian Web Series

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What is common between all the viral web series on internet? If you are a fan of Indian web series, then this man isn't unknown to you. From Pitchers to TVF Bachelors , to Arre's Official Chukyagiri , he is right now almost everywhere in India's rising web series.

Why Am I a Proud Fan of Salman Khan (Bhai) Films and Eagerly Wait for Them!

By mangoman | 7.4k |

Boss: Dude, are you sure you can handle all of it, you have multiple tasks...
Me: Maine Ek baar Jo commitment kardee....

Well I do regret saying that, in over 26 years, It was the first time I skipped Diwali and put my best to finish the tasks. But, it wasn't about the tasks, was it?

Tv Show to Binge-watch on Netflix, Primevideo and Hotstar During Corona Lockout

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We recently curated list of lighthearted, mostly youtube based shows available for free here. We are taking the binge-watching to next level with this new list with best of drama shows out there. We know sitting in your homes can lead to absolute boredom but with the current Corona pandemic going around, it's better to stay safe in the comforts of our home and stay clean. Also not to worry, we have your isolation period covered. Here is a list of brand new shows From Netflix and Amazon Prime to Hotstar and Voot, here is a list of amazing shows that you can binge on various streaming platforms during this lockdown.

[Udta Punjab] Censorship and Piracy: Hypocrisy of the millennials

By MMR | 9.8k |

Udta Punjab is leaked online before its release. I will be a hypocrite if I will start shouting anti-piracy slogan but the pre-release leak of a movie like this is an extortion. [Updated on 18/06/2016 2:20am The sarcastic description in reference to download link is removed now]

Top 20 Best Indian Web-Series of 2018-19 Based on IMDb Ratings

By Arindom Deka | 2.3k |

With so many Indian webseries to stream through, there are some which stand out from the rest and become prominent in Indian pop-culture. Here is a list of the best web-series India had to offer during 2018-2019.

Netflix's Upstarts : Our Very Own Silicon Valley.

By Rohon Nag | 2.3k |

From the 2010’s The Social Network, to the Comedy TV Show Silicon Valley to the much more serious Halt and Catch Fire

Tech based films have almost become its own subgenre.

Asur Season 2: Everything We Know from Release Date to Cast Details

By Arindom Deka | 1.7k |

Voot's latest new original Asur: Welcome to Your Dark Side came out with a solid first season and has already made fans ask for more!