5 Best Breakout Performances of 2020 That Sets the Bar High for 2021 in Indian Ott Space

By Ehraz asmad Zaman | 1.3k |

Since OTT is slowly changing the game, a lot of actors are getting the chance to make a strong impact with their powerful performances. So today we’ll list the 5 breakout role on Indian OTT.

10 Best Hindi Films That Released On OTT In 2020 and Where to Watch Them

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It is in times like these when people are obliged to turn to films for some solace for, above everything, the foremost role of films is to entertain people and make everyone forget their misery throughout its running time.

Ayush Mehra: The Internet's Boyfriend, Literally!

By Shriya Simran Pradhan | 1.3k |

As Noah Centineo is to Netflix, India's Ayush Mehra too is giving us major boyfriend goals through his performances across various YouTube sketches and web series. Let's take look at the different characters in his several web series- both boyfriend and non-boyfriend- the OTT star has played till yet.

Netflix India VS Amazon Prime India: Who Wins The Streaming Battle?

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But over the years both of these platforms have taken different routes and adopted different strategies to compete with each other as well as other OTT platforms. Today we’ll compare these two OTT platforms side-by-sides.

Best Alternatives for IMDb and Letterboxd

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A content curating website is like a database for films, television programs, web shows, etc. where you can see all information related to individual titles. These websites also allow their user to rate films and shows which help them in creating a list of content that is being liked by the majority of people.

Sexism In Bollywood: How Feminism Has Given Rise To New Stereotypes

By Shriya Simran Pradhan | 1.2k |

While feminist movements have brought out a significant change in the art of storytelling in Bollywood, the other side of the coin is it has also helped blossom new stereotypes in the society and taken up novel narratives and themes with underlying tones of misogyny. Let's take a look at a few of them:

Looking At The Manic Pixie Dream Girls Of Bollywood We Grew Up Watching

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She is spirited. She is not like other girls. She doesn't use makeup. She can give long monologues about the meaning of life and what to do with it at any given moment. She is an imagination filmmakers love to flaunt onscreen.

Fresh Faces of 2020 Who Have Stolen Our Heart with Their Charm. Have You Watched Their All Shows?

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Its either dramatized soap operas or tedious Bollywood movies with dance sequences taking up half the movie plots- but with the introduction of OTT platforms, cinema and television have both strived to compete with the excellence Netflix, Youtube and others have provided. Not only quality entertainment but OTT has provided us with many fresh faces who hold loads of potential and talent in their skills. Here is a list of some of the most eminent stars on the digital screen who are rising in this game:

Kaala to Asuran: How Tamil movie industry has played an imperative role in being vocal about Dalit rights


Tamil movie industry has been the lone player in Indian cinema which has brought the endangered ideas of inferior section to engage among audiences. Kollywood, which has been vociferous from the very beginning about Dravidian politics has shown its caliber and mellow on the caste representation with the arrival of genius filmmakers.

Maaya Season 3 - Where to Watch Online and Season 3 Release Date

By MMR | 3.5k |

Maaya is one of the first web series from Vikram Bhatt that has got a lot of fame due to the bold scenes in it. In Season 1, the story is about Sonia and Rahul, their desires of sex and how they can't speak to others about it openly in this society. In Season 2, the story is about the love story of two girls, Ruhi and Simmi, who dared to fall in love in a world where it is not considered normal to do so. Season 3 also brings such a story where a girl Sonakshi starts liking her boyfriend's father Aakash.