11 Minimalistic Posters of Bollywood Movies Showcasing Iconic Scenes

By Siddhant Sharma | 4.6k |

Movies come and movies go, but some scenes are so funny that we can never get them out of our head. Even watching them for a thousandth time has same impact on us. Check out these minimalistic posters and relive these iconic scenes once again...

15 Best Netflix TV Shows That Makes Me Addicted To It

By Arindom Deka | 5.4k |

Netflix has soon become a part of our daily lives. Not only do they have some amazing shows that we adore, but we can also look at some great movies, both old and new. But the best thing about Netflix is definitely the original TV Shows that they have created over the years. And let's be honest, all of them are just top-notch.
I happen to be a fan of all of them and it was indeed very hard to rank all of them, all coming from various genres. So counting down fifteen such brilliant shows that Netflix has gifted us ranked to the best. And not to worry, no spoilers ahead.

Is Ranveer Singh The Next Big Thing In Bollywood?

By Gauri P Kholkar | 6.4k |

With his spectacular performance in the recently released Bajirao Mastani, he has proved that you don’t need to be a star kid or have a godfather to make it big in Bollywood. All you need is talent and hard work.This heartthrob of millions needs no introduction…He knows how to be in the news, be it his hairdo for the latest project or his bold style statements, be it his uncanny ability to make fun of himself, his ladylove Deepika or the much spoken about Box Office clash between SRK's
Dilwale and his Bajirao Mastani. Right from his debut as Bittoo Sharma in BBB, he managed to grab eyeballs in the world of Bollywood which was then dominated by the Khans and the Kapoors. This one has been challenging Bollywood clinches from the very beginning of his acting career that took off in 2010. A celebrity in making…his journey says it all….

5 Ads in Indian Theaters that should be banned

By Deepak Nair | 6.5k |


Yes, it’s a sad story & yes smoking is bad for you. But the ad that stars Mukesh is so dated and poorly shot that whenever it comes on screen, people either laugh, get irritated or stop paying attention. The right opposite purpose to what a public service announcement is supposed to be. Hire a good ad agency, Government!

7th Episode is Aired Today And We Think Quantico is Here To Stay

By Deepak Nair | 6.6k |

1.Great Ratings

Ever since the start, the show has enjoyed high audience ratings, partly due to high promotion from the network, ABC & partly because well, the show is just good.

13 Remakes that should be made in Bollywood

By Deepak Nair | 6.4k |

1.Bad Boys

Just imagine Salman & Aamir Khan together in the iconic buddy cop flick remake. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence meets old school ‘Andaz Andaz Apna’ style. That’s something I would pay to see.

5 Reasons Why Nothing Can Beat Bollywood

By Deepak Nair | 6.4k |

1. Songs

You don’t find any songs in Hollywood movies, unless it’s a musical & even then, they are just dialogues that are sung. You need Bollywood for that song where the characters are just singing their hearts out as if it’s the most natural thing in the world.

Game Of Thrones vs Breaking Bad.

By Vishnu Ch | 3.1k |

Whenever you hear people arguing about the greatest television show ever made, it all boils down to two choices. Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones. The first thing you have to know is that they belong to two separate genres. One is an intense journey of the psyche of a man pushed to his limit, and the other has dragon eggs and demon babies. They both have carved their pages in the book of television, and pretty long ones in it. With that being said, I am going to do the impossible today. I am going to clear one of them out as the ultimate winner. So, I expect you to read with an open mind and wish me luck. Alright then. Into battle.

2016 - A Year For Comic Book Movies

By Ishan Mohan | 6.1k |

As 2015 comes to an end and comic book geeks can't wait for 2016 to begin. With so many movies based on comics lined up for release, their is unfathomable hysteria which has gripped the fans. We look at some of the much awaited comic book based movies of the year:-