YouTube Watch Party: The Best Way To Bond With Friends

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Texting friends is fun, but watching movies with them is much better. Indeed, nothing beats a movie night with your friends, especially watching classic videos on YouTube and sharing moments of laughter and joy. But what if your friends are located in different cities? Well, in that case, having watch party on YouTube is the best option you have. But unfortunately, YouTube does not offer the watch party option or have one such extension of its own. However, there is a method to continue watching these movies in sync, and it will cost you nothing. All you need to do is to use different extensions available like Flickcall. Flickcall is a completely secure, advanced, and privacy-based extension, which is user-friendly and simple to use.

How Can You Watch YouTube Videos With Friends Staying Far Away?

As technology advances, new solutions to assist you with entertainment are being created. Sharing links to humorous YouTube videos with friends through Whatsapp or Messenger has always been the most frequent method of doing so. However, this approach is not one that will make you laugh or enjoy your time with them.
So, the best solution is to host a watch party. Most of you have probably heard of movie nights at home, when you spend time with friends and family watching movies and having fun. Well, the same concept, when taken online, is known as the watch party.
Watch party is a new and better way to connect with people by participating in a real-time movie or video watching experience irrespective of the geographic location.
The YouTube watch party is nothing but a simple idea to plan your day with your loved ones located at different places. It's not exactly the same as sitting next to each other on a huge sofa, but it does act as a great substitute. Laughing at videos together is best when you have your inner circle with you to join and share a smile.
Let us find out the best way to host the watch party on YouTube with friends, as it offers you one uncanny way to connect and bond with friends and family.

Best YouTube Watch Party Extension

When you plan to host a YouTube watch party, the most important thing to keep in mind is an extension that allows seamless connectivity, high-quality sound and display sharing, along with the ability to communicate with your friends.
The best in this respect is Flickcall. It has the most robust features and support that enhances the video-watching experience and makes it easier for you to manage the watch party.

The notable features to look for are:

1. Live Video Chat and Video Synchronization

Few OTT platforms have their watch party extensions that users can use to host, but most lack the live video chat option. Even various other extensions available like TwoSeven or YouTube Party can be synced with the OTT, or YouTube, but lacks the video chat feature. Flickcall allows the real-time video chat option so that you can see the expressions of your friends while enjoying the content. With video synchronization you will have the best experience of watching video with friends with no lagging. So if you are looking for YouTube watch party with video call, Flickcall might be the best option available.

2. Quick And Easy Installation

The biggest challenge to using the extensions is their installation process. Extensions like Scener are not vertically integrated that increases the time required by the user to start the YouTube watch party.
Flickcall solves this problem. The direct integration allows you to generate the YouTube watch party shareable link to get the fun started. There is no need for extra setup or extended wait period; just a simple click, and the party is started.

3. Privacy Aimed

When there is no invasion of privacy, watch parties on YouTube is more enjoyable. Flickcall is built on peer-to-peer technology, which encrypts all communication and streaming between users and eliminates server intervention. This add-on is an excellent solution for ensuring no data breach or third-party intervention. So, if you are looking to start a private watch party, click on Flickcall to get started.

4. Smart Mic System

Watch parties on YouTube are a real treat when you have the smart mic feature with you. Extensions like Scener, TwoSeven, or Watch5gether do not have the smart mic feature. To talk with your friends, you need to manually turn on and off the video and mic, which is discomforting.
The smart mic technology was created by Flickcall to address this issue. It implies that when the video is paused, the microphone is immediately enabled to converse, and vice versa.

5. Binge Watch Feature

Binge-watching isn't possible with extensions like Scener or Watch2gether. But with Flickcall, all you have to do is build a playlist and spend the entire day binge-watching your favourite movies with your buddies. There will be no disruptions or difficulties in the middle, allowing you to enjoy your time with your friends and family without interruption.

How To Host YouTube Watch Party via Flickcall?

There are various extensions available that can help you conduct the YouTube watch party. But using the one that allows you to connect and offer a smooth transition while watching videos is important. The broad steps that are required to be followed are as follows:
1. Install the extension on the Google Chrome browser via Chrome Store.
2. Select the video that you are planning to watch together.
3. Click on the Flickcall logo on the top corner
4. On clicking the option, you will get a prompt to Start Party
5. You are now all set to start the watchparty.
6. Copy the link given and share with friends and family
Watch parties on YouTube is a fun way to spend time with your friends and family. Flickcall is, without a doubt, the finest addon for a YouTube watch party. So grab the extension now and enjoy an infinite amount of fun. Just make a list and create the link to sync with your friends, and you are ready to host the YouTube Watch party.

So, start planning to host a watch party on YouTube with Flickcall.