• Air date: 16 Oct '20 3 episodes
      Moral conflicts, life altering decisions and contrasting situations converge in this three tale anthology revolving around the idea that "Morality is a changing goalpost"
  • List of Episodes (3)
    • A 16-year-old runs away from home only to meet and befriend a kind truck driver while hitchhiking. But fateful troubles come knocking when the driver dies enroute, leaving a stash of money in the vehicle. Torn in between survival, greed and kindness, what secrets will the boy unearth?
    • Struggling to deal with his wife's constant accusations, a man decides to break his vows and spend the night with a sex worker. However a chance encounter and constant calls from his wife break this reverie of infidelity. But what lies in the future of their marriage.
    • Therapist Shruti gets caught in a moral dilemma after learning a dark secret from a businessman seeking her help to wards off his inner demons. Will she compromise her integrity to bring the businessman's closet of skeletons out in the open?